Modi’s silence on JNU crackdown: a young Indian’s open letter

Saba Khan

Saba KhanSaba is a physical therapist preparing for civil services.

Dear Modi ji,

26th May 2014 was the day that you and Bharatiya Janata Paty will not forget in a hurry. On this very day, Modi ji you, the man who once sold tea at a railway station became the Prime Minister of world’s largest democracy and it was you Modi ji who undoubtedly led your party to victory by your energetic, whirlwind and unprecedented election campaign. Not many people (the intolerant one) will believe that like your so called Bhakts I was also your great admirer.

With your victory, I had the tingling excitement of upcoming ache din that sparkle my eyes. I thought now the time has come to show the world and to china in particular that we are not ahead of anyone and that now our sluggish economy will beat china’s economy. With your swearing in ceremony, you invited SAARC nations including Pakistan which was an important gesture because the world’s largest democracy needed to reach out all its neighbours.

Modi KhamoshWhen you chose to make Bhutan the destination of your maiden foreign trip, the media gave several reasons like Operation all clear, Bhutan in the past supported India on CTBT, or it launched military operations against the ULFA in past, etc. behind why you chose Bhutan over other countries like China, Russia, Japan, etc., but for me the reason behind you choosing Bhutan was because it’s the country that started the concept of gross national happiness, the country which symbolises happiness and peace. But I was very wrong. You made so many false promises during your campaign that I enquire myself “What are some truths said by Modi Ji during 2014 campaign?” The dilution of democracy and super saturation of intolerance killed the very Modi Bhakt in me. Where are you Modi ji at this peak time when we all need you the most? Where are you at this time when India is witnessing an abundance of ebullience and your countrymen are trying hard to reach you?

You have been trying hard to prove that you are not here for any position but for responsibility. We must hail the famous work like Digital India, Niti Ayog, Make in India ,smart cities initiative, Swachh Bharat, E-governance ,Jam Trinity to name a few along with not so famous achievements like your initiative to start discussion on addiction, faster decision making and harnessing synergies in cabinet. But we can’t really afford to ignore the dark clouds that are casting a shadow over the nation. These dark clouds include strong issues with long term impacts. Hence there is a strong need not just to host the tricolour flag but also to prove that India stands for unity in diversity. Modi ji our very own nation’s unity which is the symbolic pride of our motherland is endangered.

There is so much debate over intolerance in our country that it made me to enquire what the real meaning of intolerance is. Going by the dictionary it says intolerance is unwillingness to accept views, beliefs or behaviour that differs from one’s own opinion. These days when somebody is expressing his point of view, he is attacked and such reactions are living proof of intolerance. There are disturbing evidences of our growing intolerance to criticism and freedom of expression in the form of volatile, acerbic reactions to whomsoever is using his freedom of expression.

I know intolerance was there in past also but there is difference between the past and the present level of intolerance. In the past also there were such incidences but in past such incidences were condemned equivocally by all thus symbolising the unity in diversity. But today if one person is condemning anything then he is attacked by the other on the point that why he kept quiet earlier. To me it’s quite abrupt to shut a person on speaking against a wrong just because he dint speak earlier. Can we say rapes have been happening from times immemorial then why should we protest now? Should we mock those who launched a massive campaign against rape after Nibhaya incidence? What we are witnessing today is the division of thoughts on subjects wherein there should be unison and this might be the first step towards destruction of unity in diversity.

Modi Khamosh 2In UK when you were asked about rising intolerance, you said “no place for intolerance; India is the land of Gandhi and Buddha”. This reminded me of a quote by Abraham Lincoln “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Modi ji please wake up from the fantasy world which you showed us all before election. Time and again weather it’s the intolerance chaos or the national vs. anti national chaos or the problems of Dalits or the Jatts , or the cold blooded murder of three rationalist or the lynching of an innocent man, you have been cornering yourself from all the main issues playing a mute spectator. Is this the Modi ji we knew before elections? No Modi ji you are a completely changed person and have disappointed us all.

Modi ji the reason why I am enumerating all these recent happenings to you is because maybe I still have some hopes left deep inside that der se hi sahi you will come as a saviour and make everything right. And that is why i am writing this letter to you as you are my last and only hope. For me you are the only person who can take situation under your control keeping in mind how in the past you have single handed done so many things at a time.

From Swachh Bharat to Swachh Hriday Campaign

Modi ji you have a great fan following and therefore you should take the plunge and act as a unifying figure. You launched Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on birth date of Mahatama Gandhi, to address the major problem of filth in India. Modi ji now I request you to, please launch Swachh Hriday Abbhiyan or “The Tolerance Drive” because without Swachh Hriday, we won’t be able to attain the heights which we are aiming for under your able leadership. Modi ji you are compared to Mahatama Gandhi by many but frankly speaking you can attain that status only if you will make India a land of Gandhi’s dream i.e. a nation free of violence and full of tolerance and love. You need to remind to all countrymen “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” and that being tolerant and letting go off the past is what will make India the real land of Gandhi and Budhdha. I, therefore request you to please launch tolerance drive as soon as possible so that we may achieve the goals of this drive by 17th September (your birthday).

Now is the time Modi ji

Modi ji it’s high time you teach a lesson to all those who are hell bent on creating chaos in our motherland. The policy of divide and gain is the only thing that they seem to have learnt from Britishers. Please finish the ongoing debate on who is nationalist vs. Anti national by telling the country what the real meaning of anti national is. Please tell India that if calling Afzal Guru is anti national then calling Nathuram Godse a martyr in the land of Gandhi is also anti national and so is asking for education system to go all saffron. Please tell those asking for completely saffronising the flag or education system that the real meaning of saffron is courage, selflessness and sacrifice and if they are so much in awe of saffron colour this is what is expected out of them. Please guide these countrymen from going astray and show them the right track.

Last but not the least Modi ji please tell the world that you are the prime minister of the whole country and that you represent each one of us irrespective of caste, creed ,religion, sex or place so that everyone get the feel of living in democracy (govt of for and by people). India is the finest example of unity in diversity where people are united with common cultural heritage and have a feeling of unity in spite of having external differences. It’s time for you to warn these miscreants not to create differences between us. It’s time to wake everyone up Modi ji and make them realise that this is the time to stand together and that we are one big family where we need to live with peace and harmony by ignoring the small differences. Please don’t let the spirit of your fans like me dim away and make India the safest country in the world to live in. It’s now or never. Jai Hind.




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