Mr Praveen Swami decide who is your favorite Modi – Machhli 5 or Mubarak?

Mukul Sinha

Mukul Sinha
Eminent lawyer and civil rights activist. The post is taken from his recent facebook update.

I read the article penned by Mr Praveen Swami titled “Ishrat Jahan case: Intelligence won’t survive the investigation”, dated July 8, 2013, on First Post ( with keen interest, hoping to find some honest clues that may uncover the Ishrat case beyond already what has been discovered by CBI. But alas, the present article surpasses even the fiction he wrote exactly 9 years back. Let us recall some of the gems in his previous article published in the Frontline magazine (Volume 21 – Issue 14, Jul. 03 – 16, 2004 – and titled “The wages of hate”.

=> Nestled among the belongings of Lashkar commander Ehsan Illahi, who was eliminated along with six other terrorists in a shootout at Arai in the border district of Poonch on February 20, was a blue inland letter.

=> Most important, though, Sadiq Ahmad’s letter mentioned the name of a key member of the Lashkar’s support network in Gujarat – a local lawyer, whose name Frontline is withholding for his security.

=> The lawyer was instructed to tell Javed Sheikh, a Pune resident who was amongst those killed on June 16, that the infrastructure was in place to execute an attack on Modi. By early May, Sheikh had requisitioned two suicide-squad volunteers.

=> The personnel chosen were Jishan Johar, a resident of Gujaranwala in Pakistan, and Amjadali Rana, who hailed from Sargodha (also in Pakistan) and worked with a Lashkar unit in the Reasi area of Udhampur.

=> The code names do not leave much doubt about who the members of the Lashkar cell believed were their enemies. Bajrang Dal leader Vinay Katiyar is referred to as `Kutta’, or dog; fundamentalist demagogue Pravin Togadia as `Tingu’, or dwarf. Narendra Modi is coded `Mubarak’ (congratulations) – a reference to what would be passed on to his assassins.

=> Just like the Lashkar operatives who carried out the earlier attack on the Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar (Gujarat), the terrorists probably hoped to reach Ahmedabad just days or hours before the intended assault. In this case, however, there was no target: just a police ambush.

So as per his past thesis, Mr Swami concluded that like the terrorists who had attacked the Akshardham temple and had come at the last moment to carry out the attack, in the Ishrat case also the ‘terrorists’ came at the last moment to target Modi but only to face a police ambush.

The erudite author Mr Swami however had to surrender to the irrefutable evidence brought out by CBI pointing out that Jeeshan , Amjad Ali, Javed and Ishrat were illegally detained several days or months before their cold blooded killings.

But very cleverly like a magician, he conjures a new scenario by saying that if Jeeshan was not illegally detained, we wouldn’t catch Amjad, and if Amjad was not illegally detained, we would not have caught Javed. Mr Swami however could not pull out a lady terrorist from his hat to pin down Ishrat except for the apologetic reference to the joke called Headley. (

By telling lies convincingly they do not become the truth. Even a perfunctory reader can notice the irreconcilable contradictions between the facts stated in the two articles by Mr Swami, nine years apart. Perhaps Mr Swami is too shy to mention that the present code words touted by IB like ‘Macchli 5’ for Narendra Modi is a far cry from ‘Mubarak’ that Mr Swami had codified Modi in 2004. Mubarak ho aapke fishy story ke liye. What hurts the nation is respected people like you who dish out absurd stories to justify the most heinous and illegal acts of abduction and killings purportedly for the survival of the republic. I’m afraid this republic is in danger if such prevarication is permitted to spread.

By the way, would you like to disclose the name of the lawyer that you conveniently suppressed in your 2004 article? The CBI may like to interrogate him to find out what he must have told Javed, my client, whom you are defaming with impunity. You might also require his services to defend yourself in a defamation case that may be preferred by the father of Javed.


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