Mumbai Univ: ‘Reinstate Prof. Neeraj Hatekar’

Mumbai (Press Note/ 6th Feb): Independent forum of Mumbai University students, University Community for Democracy and Equality (UCDE) held a protest demonstration against the disputed suspension of the Mumbai University Economics professor Neeraj Hatekar. Its noteworthy that Prof. Hatekar have been voicing his concern over the administrative and academic irregularities in the Mumbai University for a long time. UCDE, a forum of MU students which has been fighting for students rights and demands in the MU, today came in support of Prof. Hatekar and after a huge procession of students, held a sit-in protest at the gates of Kalina Campus, Mumbai University.

Prof Hatekar

At the protest, spokesperson and convening committee member of UCDE, Prashant told the press persons that Prof. Hatekar has impeccable academic record and a loved teacher of Econometrics in the Economics department of the MU. Its shocking to witness such a dictatorial action on the part of the VC. Its known that Prof. Hatekar has been raising questions about the undemocratic functioning of the University. Prashant told that UCDE extends its unequivocal support to Prof. Hatekar and his struggle for transparency in the University.

Param, a member of UCDE told that the MU is a prestigious institution and its expected from the authorities of such an institution to at least follow the due administrative process and democratic procedure. However, the authorities have gone out of the way to get rid of Prof. Hatekar, since he has been asking inconvenient questions. Several students from Economics department expressed solidarity with Prof. Hatekar and assured that they would continue to protest until this unjust decision of the VC is revoked with immediate effect.

The demonstration also got support from student council members of the MU along with support from several teachers. Various teachers have voiced their concern about this action of the MU administration and supported the protesting students. UCDE spokesperson Prashant told the media persons that if the MU administration refuses to respond to their demand, the agitation will be intensified. They will also run a signature campaign in support of Prof. Hatekar and submit it to the Chief Minister, Education Minister and Governor of Maharashtra if the MU administration refuses to listen to students’ demands.

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