Muslim IB Chief: Is A Disaster Awaiting Muslims?

Syed Zubair Ahmad | Muslim Mirror

The out of turn promotion of IPS officer Syed Asif Ibrahim as the Director of Intelligence Bureau (IB), the most important intelligence agency of the nation, is a matter of surprise, and thus naturally has evoked both hope and fear among the Muslim community.

Appointing a Muslim as the head of an organization where hardly one or two Muslims exist seems to be a well-calculated move. Syed Asif Ibrahim is the first Muslim to get the top position in the 125-year history of Intelligence Bureau. Four senior officers were transferred from the agency to clear the way for Ibrahim.

Asif Ibrahim

The general perception about this ‘surprise move’ is that it is intended to create some confidence in the Muslim community about the intelligence agency which is blamed by Muslims for acting partially and targeting Muslim youths in the name of terror. His two-year tenure will end in December 2014 before which General Elections for Lok Sabha would happen. So it is also said that the Congress may use it as traditional ‘appeasement’ move to garner votes of the minority community.

However, the way Mr. Ibrahim was appointed out of turn to head the most important intelligence agency of the nation which is notorious for hunting and implicating youths of a particular community, leads one to think about a possible frightful eventuality. Are the next two years going to be like 1992 or 2002 for the Muslims?

When after Independence Urdu was to be removed from its official language position, Abul Kalam Azad was made education minister. When Aligarh Muslim University was to robbed of minority status, Syed Nurul Hasan was appointed as education minister. After the demolition of Babri Masjid and anti-Muslim riots of Mumbai in 1992-93 Syed Sibte Razi was inducted in the union cabinet and Zafar Saifullah was appointed as cabinet secretary. When Mufti Saeed was inducted in the cabinet as home minister, Jagmohan was appointed as Lieutenant General of J&K. and was given a free hand to clean Kashmir from militancy.

When Giani Zail Singh was the president of India, Indira Gandhi ordered military operation at Golden Temple called ‘Operation Blue Star’ without disclosing the order to the President of India, even though Army is under the direct command of President of India.

Is the central government going to add another such chapter to the history of the country through IB while it is headed by a Muslim?

Those who want to know the notoriety of Intelligence Bureau and its dexterity in implicating Muslims in terror cases should study the book ‘Who killed Karkare?’ written by Mr. S M Mushrif, retired IPS officer – former IG Maharashtra. In general the whole book is a charge sheet against IB but the most interesting is the tenth chapter of the book under the title of “The Charge Sheet against IB” which is spread from page 305-313.

Moreover, Independent India’s history shows that Muslim figureheads have hardly helped the lot of the community. Three Indian Presidents and three Vice Presidents had been Muslims since Independence. A number of cabinet and state ministers have been Muslims. At present we have a Muslim vice president. There are four cabinet and three ministers of states who are Muslims.

If the government really intends to bring change in the perception that the Muslim community has developed over the years about IB, then it should go beyond the cosmetic changes leave alone the figurehead. There is an urgent need to de-communalize the intelligence agencies and police forces of the country by inculcating in them ethics of a plural society like India and freeing them from political influence.

The Muslim community needs protection of their basic rights enshrined in the constitution of India, not just Muslim faces on constitutional posts. They need to be taken along the development of the country.





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