National Declaration of Dalit Agenda

This conference held at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, on 6-7 November 2013 We activists, intellectuals, social workers to deliberate the issues concern the welfare and justice to the 250 million Dalits (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) declaring our belief in Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s ideal of Social Democracy and his prophecy that, “A democratic form of Government presupposes democratic form of society.

National Dalit Agenda

The formal framework of democracy is of no value and would indeed be a misfit if there was no social democracy”, We appeal for wider unity among SC,ST ,NT,DNT, and all converted Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, as a oppressed class, for social transformation because these all were victim of caste system. We recognize all these communities as Dalit. Endorsing the ideals of civil society enshrined in the Constitution of India, Particularly it’s Preamble that declares the Indian State’s commitment to Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Restoration of dignity is the main need of whole dalit society, which is broken by cast system. Even after 65 years of independence the dalits are still suffering from inhuman practices, traditions, atrocities and are far from justice. We understand the wide spread impact of the cast system on all religion in our country in which dalits and tribal converted themselves could not became free from the slavery of castes, without annihilation of the cast system. We appeal to governments of all states and Central Government to apply this agenda for the well being of Dalit communities of our country. We also appeal for re census of country in which the counting of SC should be according to constitutional parameter and not on the basis of religion.

Recognizing that the tenets established by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and various other charters of the United Nations which our nation has acceded to also emphasize the same principles.

Recognizing also the dalit and tribal’s’ and women as a indigenous communities (Mulniwasi) of the country and therefore they have historical rights over the resources of country. Noting that women – especially Dalit women – represent the most oppressed sections of our society, and that they face multiple forms of discrimination, including caste-based, religious and patriarchal ideology and practices.

We appeal to all Civil Society and Community Organizations to conduct people awareness campaign to advocate their issues and solution according to our constitutional values, principles and mended. Our constitution Strongly declare in preamble that India is democratic secular, socialist country and therefore no policies of Privatization, Liberalization and Globalization could be adapt which violets the rights of oppressed class Dalit. We declare our belief in constitution and commit to work for eradication of all inhuman practices, end untouchebility, atrocities, and for establishment of dignity, justice for all Dalits( oppressed class) We therefore declare Dalit Agenda for restoration of dignity & justice to all oppressed Communities.

DRAFT: National Dalit Agenda for Restoration of social justice to all oppressed Communities of India.

Constitutional Rights & opportunities –

• Implement Indian constitution completely, especially preamble, part 3 and article 330 to 342 and mandate of 5 th and 6 th schedule, so that oppressed class human rights could protected.

• Ensure SC, ST, OBC, Women, Minority’s share in Ministries at State and Centre in proportion of population of these communities to establish social justice in country. Provide opportunities to all communities according to their population.

• Apply reservation policy in Assemblies and Parliament similar as Panchayati Raj System. Reserve 50% Ministries and seats for women and apply system of reservation in reservation for SC,ST, OBC & Minorities. Apply reservation system for general category according to their percentage in population.

• Stop Celebration- Constitution of India provide guarantee of dignity full life to every citizen of our country, so this is responsibility of any government to provide all basic needs and facilities to person. 250 million people of country is still suffering of untouchebility, atrocities, cast based discrimination, and under inhuman traditions and practices. Until complete eradication of these practices, tradition, stop all expensive national celebration, ceremony, organizing expensive games, and space program.

• Reserve Ministries to SC, ST, OBC, and Minority at State and Centre in proportion of population of these communities to establish social justice in country. Provide opportunities to all communities according to their population.

• Eligibility for contesting assembly and Parliament election on reserve seats, make compulsory 90% public support to candidates among SC,ST community. Conduct pre election “Janmat Sangrah” on SC,ST seats.

Only the candidates who have 90% support of SC,ST communities should have eligibility to contest Assembly and parliamentary election on reserve seats. Political reservation to reserve caste was given to protect the rights of these communities so there is need to develop system for their accountability towards communities.

• Re census of oppressed community’s people in country, in which the counting of SC should be according to constitutional parameter and not on the basis of religion (Article 341). Provide reservation to all oppressed communities according to the proportion of their population. Counting them on religion basis is denial of their constitutional rights of reservation and special opportunities. (In Communal Award 1932, all SC were counted as SC, whether they follow any religion. Up to 1947 they were in same schedule.)

• Redesign of 5 th year Plan-Country should redesign its fifth year planning and declare National priorities and national targets. National priority should be development of SC,ST, and poor people. Target should be eradication of inhuman practices and traditions and providing dignity full life with quality education and health facilities to all civilian of country. National Resources and Infrastructures-

• Ensure equitable right to SC,ST on national resources like land, water, forests. There should equitable share of these communities in national wealth. These national resources could not be sold to capitalist and foreign companies for profits.

• To secure constitutional rights of Dalit, stop private public partnership policy and make compulsory 51%shares in all type of companies and initiatives so that the provision of reservation could apply.

• Stop handover of basic infrastructures to private companies. It should be government responsibility to build and develop basic infrastructures like road, railway, electricity, education, health.

Reservation for SC, ST& Women-

• Order of Supreme Court regarding restricted reservation to 50% is against constitution of India. Constitution does not say about limitation of percentage in reservation. The reservation should be granted according to proportion of SCST population. Reserve 50% posts for women in reservation & apply policy of reservation in reservation.

• Bring out a White Paper immediately on the status of reservation during the past 60 years and place it before Parliament and State Assemblies for debate, and on a war footing fill immediately all the backlog posts meant for Dalits and that, too, only with Dalit candidates.

• Implement policy of reservation to SCs and STs at all levels of judiciary and defense forces. And make transparent appointment processes in Judiciary by doing away with the nomination system.

• Stop process of bringing anti reservation bill in National Educational Institution immediately. Make the reservation quota applicable in all the public and private institutions from primary to upper level technical and professional education. Every SC/ST child must be given quality and free-education on State’s expense.

• Apply reservation policy in government contract worker, Anganwadi worker, Panchayat secretary and PDS system. At present there is millions of recruitments without reservation. The contract system in government work should be abolished because this policy is against constitution which is order to provides opportunities to SC, ST for their development

• Stop recruitment of single post, so that the reservation rights of SCST could not be violets. Make recruitment of process transparent.

• Stop Privatization of public sector urgently. This is violation of constitutional rights of SCST, which provides reservation opportunities to oppressed class as compensation against their historical exploitation by cast system.

• With 51%investment by government make reservation mandatory in the private and corporate sector in the same proportion as in the public sector and government institutions. Establish capacities and skills building institution for Dalits to help them cope up with the demands of different sectors. No permission should be granted to any corporate and private industry without reservation for SC/ST.

• Enact legislation for implementation of reservation to fill the backlog of SCST posts. Make provision of penal action against non implementation of act, fix accountability of government and their officers, Fill immediately all backlog of SCST in services.

• Implement policy of reservation to SC, ST at all level of judiciary and defense forces. Make transparent process of appointment by doing away with nomination system.

Untouchability, traditions & inhuman Practices-

• Enact special legislation same to National Security Act to abolish untouchability, manual scavenging, devdasi, jogini, and tradition of cast based sexual exploitation in country.

• Enforce with stringent measures the Bonded labour System (Abolition)Act, 1976 and abolish forthwith child labour to ensure freedom with dignity for all the Dalits, and accordingly make amendments in the legislations to provide land to bonded labour and adequate scholarship to child for education.

• Eliminate the humiliating practice of manual scavenging on an urgent footing through effective rehabilitation, alternative and sustainable employment measures and developmental programs, and prosecute violators of the Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction

of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act, 1993, especially the gross violators Railways, Defense and Urban Local bodies. The new Act should be release with specific recommendation by Garima Abhiyan and implement with target of eradication this inhuman practice within 1year.

• Enact very strong legislation to stop tradition of devdasi and Jogini and establish immediate implementation with target of eradicate this inhuman tradition within one year.

• Make it statutory for Parliament and State Assemblies to debate on the Annual Reports of the National and State level Commissions for SC/ST and Safai Karamcharis within the following year, and ensure that these annual reports and the action-taken reports of the government are made public.

• Arrange and conduct untouchebility eradication camps every month in places in districts where this inhuman tradition exist in villages.

Compulsory, Free, & Quality Education-
• Implement mended of constitution article 21-A and provide compulsory, free and quality education for all people of country. The Supreme Court judgment on Justice Unni krishanan Commission must accept and apply to secure the oppressed class educational rights. Stop discrimination in education and establish equal educational system for whole country.
• Provide 200-200 seat hostel facility to SC, ST students at district level so they could get higher education.
• Make provision of 50% government investment in Educational Institution so that the constitutional provision could impose of them. The provision of RTE is not capable to secure free, compulsory and quality education right to oppressed class. Privatization of education system denies the constitutional rights of oppressed class so that this reform should stop immediately. Apply article 46 of constitution with directive principles.

• Make all process, policies, and strategies transparent regarding education system. Put these facts and plan in front of people before applying it. Make transparent all process of entrance exams and competition exams.
Panchayat & Self Governance-

• Make compulsory the participation of SC, ST members in gramsabha’s corum, and there should not be any provision of passing resolutions and providing sanction to expenditure, plan and budget. Make reservation in panchayst for Upsarpanch post, Deputy Mayor and Vice Chairperson in Municipal Corporations.

• Amend specific clause in MNREGA – Remove the principle of “wages according work” for women, disables and old age person, provide them wages on daily basis with guarantee for 365 days employment.

• Reserve contracts of muroom and sand queries for SC,ST community at panchayat level.

Land Right & Rights on Natural Resources to Dalit –

• Enact legislation centrally as Dalit Land Right Act to ensure adequate cultivable land to dalit for survival with dignity. According to the mended of constitution article 21 who provide right of dignity full life to each civilian of country, dalit family should get minimum 5-5 acres cultivable land with irrigation facility for restoration of his dignity and economic well-being as rights. These land rights should provide them as an owner not lease holder. Make changes in existing land related acts such as assigned, endowment, forest land ceiling land for the benefit of Dalit and Adiwasi communities.

• In Forest Land Right Act both dalit and tribal should be treated equally to claim for land. There must be same period for presenting their claim on forest land. At present the ST person who is cultivating from 13 December 2005 but dalit are eligible if they cultivating from three generation.

• Financial support should provide to dalit for developing land, purchasing tools, fertilizer, pesticides, seeds and should provide irrigation facility. All agricultural work on SC, ST’s farms should be done through NREGS.

• All Sc, St’s lands occupied by non-Dalits, to assess the quantum of compensation to be paid by non-Dalits for their illegal utilization of lands, to identify the original owners and their nearest kith and kin for restoring these lands back to them, to expedite legal proceedings in courts specially appointed for this purpose against the illegal occupants and to ensure punitive measures against them.

• White paper should present by government on land distribution that how much land hold by government, temples, monastery, companies, Cow ranch, Trusts, private institutions and hold by SC,ST,NT,DNT,OBC,and by General category people.

• The governments should pursue all possible measures including the distribution of surplus land, government revenue lands and temple lands within a specific timeframe. If the need be, the government should purchase cultivate land and distribute it among Dalits.

• There should be ban on privatization of water and water resources because privatization of national resources is against constitution. The community whose livelihood is depended on these resources such as SC,ST and other communities should have right on all resources such as water, river, tanks, Dams, and Sea.

• Enact legislation for Fisherman Costal Area Land Right and enforce it stringently to secure dalits, tribal right on dams, rivers, and costal area of sea. Stop immediately dam and costal lease to companies. Reserve this right for the communities whose livelihood is depending on these resources.

• Distribute orange land to Dalit and Tribal communities. Amend in Sealing Act and reduce limitation of land holding up to 10 acrs and distribute it to oppressed class SC,St people.

• Companies Trust and Societies who did not full fill their declared objectives in their lease, take back these land and provided it to SC,ST Societies, Trusts ,Entrepreneurs or to Dalit Industrialist.

Dalit Women Rights-

• Allocation and registration of land should be on the name of women. Give priority to single women and differently capable persons in land distribution. Make provision of 50% concession in property and land registration fees for women.

• Stop violence against women, protection from all forms of abuse, strict enforcement of protection law (SC/ST act, PRC act and Domestic violence act. Ensure periodical review by States Government and Central Government of status of atrocities against women.

• Enact special legislation to stop gang rape, reject right of bail to offender of crime till judgment of court.

• To stop human trafficking amend special provision in Act , to restore human rights of SCST, because the 95percent trafficking take place in tribal area. Make provision of 2lacs Rs. compensation to person for rehabilitation.

• Dalit single women pension should be 2000Rs per month and Widow with children should get 2000Rs. to per child extra. All ration cards should be on the name of women.

• Women faced violence because of alcoholic consumption by their male members of family, so that all excise tax should be utilize for SC,ST women and their children education.

• Develop the education model that respect women which identify and highlights the women heroes from the communities. The women who are resisting and fighting and building the society their struggle should come in our curriculums of education.

• Allot all PDS shops to women SHGs and provide them necessary fund and loan with subsidy.

Planning Commission, SCP & TSP-

• Include SC, ST in 5 year plan and annual plan under National Planning Commission. Establish Schedule Cast and Schedule Tribe Planning Commission incorporates their planning in National Planning Commission.

• Bring out a White Paper on status of implementation of all acts, development plans, implementation of SCP and TSP and place it before Parliament and State Assemblies for debate, so that the facts could come in front of nation and Act could formulate against misuse of this budget.

• Enact legislation regarding utilization of SCP and TSP and Ensure proper utilization of fund. Make provision of penal action against un utilization or diversion of funds. Planning of SCP and TSP should be done from village level with various thematic issues. Present CAG report on SCP and TSP expenditure from 2000 to 2013.

• Inclusion of specific provision in TSP, SCP related legislation 50%allocation for schemes for SC,ST women. Ensure representation in all national and state authorities. Form Gender cell and regulatory tribunal and annual gender audit of the implementation of SCP and TSP. Ensure full participation of Dali community in social audit of implementation of TSP,SCP related Act and plan.

Land to live-
• Enact legislation for land to live, to ensure living land right in rural and urban area for SC and ST. At present all urban land is being purchased by colonizers and builders, this violet the people right on land. Nobody should have right to purchase all urban and rural land by money power.


• Stop displacement of SC,ST people because they were already displaced by cast system and been sent to forest and out of villages. Regard constitutional mended of 5 th and 6 th schedule.

• Stop displacement of urban SC,ST and poor population , provide them houses in same places, where they live. Because of displacement they faced the problem of employment, education, and health facility.

Prevention of Atrocities –

• Amendment in SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 & Rules1995, make compulsory registration of report, end discrimination of not allowing witness of family member and community members.

• Disallow registration of counter complaint by non dalit against dalit in cases of atrocity. End the power of police officer to determine the reason of crime is caste or anything else.

• In the case of gang rape, murder, localities putting on fire and provoking communities for social boycott should be completely non bail able offence.

• Make compulsory compensation with land to victim of atrocity and amend punishable offence for non implementation of this provision.

• Ensure periodical review of implementation of SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 by State Government and Central government, make accountable to governments departments and officials related to implementation of this Act.

Promotion to Secular Values-

• Our constitution is based on secular values so it is mandatory for any government to follow this value. No state or Central government should have right to incorporate such change in curriculum which promote communal ideologies.

• Include life histories and achievements of Bahujan leaders in syllabus so society could know their contribution in social transformation. Stop communalization of education.

• Make law to delete all disrespectful words and sentence from religious books, which still exists in Manu Smriti, Ramayana and Vedas. Revival of culture traditions religion towards equality, fraternity and liberty-ending superstitions.

Establish justice in providing Caste Certificate-

• Stop discrimination in process of making cast certificate and make equal base to provide it. In existing process-

• General Class is illegible to get all rights and facilities and opportunities in government services on the base of his residential record of 15 years.

• Other Backward Class is illegible to get all rights and facilities and opportunities in government services on the base of 1984 residential records.

• SCST Class is illegible to get rights, facilities and opportunities in government services on the base of 1950 residential record. Most venerable communities in our country are Dalit, they have to migrate because of atrocities and for their livelihood so existing process and provisions of providing caste certificate must have to change.

Promotion to Entrepreneurship-

• Special budget for entrepreneurship developing should provide to SC and ST towards skill up gradation and investment. Guarantee of bank loan should be taken by government.

• Plan credit and loans /subsidies for entrepreneurship and channel the fund of TSP,SCP through the existing collectives as SHGs, co-operatives of dalit women.

• Enact legislation for supplying goods, foods, materials and equipments from SC,ST enterprisers to promote and ensure their inclusion in trade and services.

• Provide land to dalit youths in rural and urban area to start their self employment. Reserve quota in each government contract for Dalit Contractors, Co-operatives and societies. Provide priority to Dalit Women Contractors, Dalit Women Cooperatives, Societies, and SHGs.

Health Mission for SC and ST

• Establish Special Health Mission for SC and ST to improve health standard of community. Conduct specific study on health standards of dalit and identify reasons, develop strategies on the same in improving health standards. Appoint para medical and medical staffs in dalit and tribal area and provide special facilities to this staff. Provide all health facilities to specially women and children.

• Make special focus on SC and ST of NHRM, priorities to dalit women in mid day meal, arrange regular health camp in dalit colonies and tribal villages. Make special fund allocation in budget to improve health status of SCST communities.

• Nationalize all religious trusts and use their ancient treasures to improve children and women health and educational facilities and to develop educational and health infrastructures in country.

• Bring all black money in country and use it for development of oppressed class, especially women and rural development.

Dalit Media Development-

• Create Natiionl Dalit Media Empowerment Cell and provide full financial support to it. Establish it at each district level, and recruit SC,ST qualified media youths at district level and appoint social worker as reporter at panchayat level.

• Provide financial support with subsidy to Dalit youths to start local level newspaper, newsletters, and magazine.

Drafting Committee-

Chairman – Mr. Jaisingh (Punjab)
-Member of Presidential Council-
Mr. Charls Wesely (Telangna) Mr. Swaminath (Delhi)
Dr. Rma Panchal (M.P.) Mr. Sunder Singh (M.P.)
Dr. Firoj Mansuri (Bihar) Mr. Umesh Babu (U.P.)
Mrs. Asha Kowtal (Delhi) Mr. Tulsidas (Rajasthan)
Mr. Venkataiah (A. P.) Mr. Ambujakson (Kerala)
Pro. C.D Nayak (M.P.) Mrs. Mirabai (M.P.)
Mr. Sukhadev (H. P.) Adv. Rajkumar Thorat (M.S.)
Mr. Arun Khote (U.P.) Mrs. Durga (Chattisgarh)

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