New Year in Koodankulam: Lalita Ramdas

Lalita Ramdas

Sitting under the pandal at the church, We are listening to Binayak Singh speaking to the crowds of men, women and children. And Uday is translating.

He is talking about the lessons we can learn from this historic struggle, which is completing 500 days in its intensive phase.

The big lesson is that it is people who are sovereign and the sovereignty of the state can only derive from the state.

People have a right to understand govt plans and programmes before it is imposed on us. we want to know and do not trust you to know what is best for us.

Without dissent, democracy is meaningless. Govt is criminalising dissent and difference – PUCL is working to challenge the laws on sedition and other similar laws.

Govt is mis-using its powers, both juridicial and armed force to impose its will – we can see how many people have been charged with sedition, attempt to murder etc. This is the wrong use of the laws of this land.

this movement has brought into the foreground, is the importance of the question of ENERGY – and how important it is for our people. Energy is what drives us – and it is being paid for today in blood – .

Calculations on the energy question must be made for the future – the nuclear God is an unforgiving god – and his judgements extend into eternity. Only Fukushima made them understand the dangers of Koodankulam – and Nuclear energy. People from Bhopal told us likewise about the lies they were told. Scientists have lied to the people – it is people who must know and then decide – no longer enough to listen to the state and the scientific community.

Ladenge, Jeethenge – we will fight and we will triumph

Just giving you a feel of the mood – energy, excitement, optimism.

People are here from all over


There will never be a New Years Celebration like this! Hello from the Lourdes Cathedral Maha pandal! We have just watched a strong vibrant dance by the little kids of Koodankulam-Idinthakarai – to the sound of drums – and I had a vision of what this energy could transform into. We get so jaded living in our urban settlements – and this is like a shot of much needed adrenalin and oxygen.






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