No country for dalit: in Haryana, outrage erupts after suicide of Ishwar Singh, arrested and humiliated on fraudulent ground

Umar Khalid and Pradeep Narwal

People are gathering in front of jind civil hospital… #JusticeForIshwar..
Courtesy: Pradeep Narwal

Ishwar Singh, one of the relatives of our friend Pradeep Narwal committed suicide yesterday in Jind, Haryana. He took this step after much persecution and humilitation -he was put in jail on fabricated charges and even after securing bail continued to face taunts and humiliation for several months. In his suicide note, he has taken the names of both SHO and Thekedar for making him taking this step.

Since last night, the relatives and locals have refused to take the dead body back from the hospital till criminal proceedings are initiated against the accused and they are arrested. The protest is going on right now outside the hospital where the body is kept. Some students of JNU have also left from the campus to join Pradeep, his family members and other people of Jind in their fight for justice. This happened right on the first anniversary of Rohith’s institutional murder reminding us that nothing has changed in this one year. If anything, it has only gone worse.

This is an appeal also to media persons to cover the ongoing protests of the people of Jind in their fight for justice.

We r sitting on dharna in front of mortuary jind.. rise against killing of dalits….#justiceforIshwar…..

Courtesy: Pradeep Narwal

Local media coverage:

Ishwar Singh’s suicide note









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