On One Year of Afzal Guru’s Judicial Murder

By Ravi Nitesh,
Afzal Guru was a victim of “collective conscience” of society. I really become sad on being a part of this society where the collective conscience can result in providing death penalty. Hanging of Afzal Guru was a blot on justice because it was done on the basis of conscience rather than available evidences, facts and other considerations.

Afzal Guru
On the first death anniversary of Afzal, I again see that still justice has not been given to his family. His body has not been returned to family. He became a victim of democratic institution of India during his life and even after that.

On the other hand, there are thousands of other victims also, who are facing curfew liked situation in Kashmir just as a pro active measure adopted by government of India through state deployed security forces for suppression of people’s expression.

It is not only limited to Afzal, instead it goes beyond when it talks about thousands of disappearances in Kashmir, mass graves, fake killings and rapes. It also goes to north east for the same reasons. It goes to various other states where prisoners ate in jail as undertrials once last many years, it goes to persons who have been killed by police or victimized and witch hunted.

It also goes to Gujarat where states itself become engaged in killings and massacres. It goes to Sikh killings where political leadership played role in mass killings and other atrocities. History is full of such examples of injustices, of every type, with everyone. Difference is that, few sufferings have been passed, while few still continue.

I oppose and condemn all types of state repression, I oppose every form of injustice, I oppose militarisation and occupation. My voice may not bring justice to all of them, but I am sure that millions of such voices will develop an environment of thoughts, of justice, of truth and we will.

Ravi Nitesh is a Delhi based activist and founder of Mission Bharatiyam. New Delhi (INDIA)

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