Open Letter to CEOs attending the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor Summit 15

Following is an open letter by farmers and civil society representatives to the CEOs attending the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor Summit (VGGIS) – 15 on 11-13 January in Gandhinagar.  


CEOs at the VGGIS 2015

Mahatma Mandir,

Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Re.: Spare rural livelihoods, follow the ethical path

We, the undersigned, are representatives (but not political representatives) of the rural, agricultural, landless, farming, fishing and the marginalized communities reeling under the onslaught of relentless industrialization.

The Government of Gujarat’s (GOG) blind race towards mindless industrialization, because of crony capitalism has endangered traditional livelihoods and rendered these people unemployed and unemployable.

These skilled and semi-skilled people in traditional occupations, considered as unskilled or semi-skilled by the present model of development, are not absorbed in new industries envisaged by the GoG and is blatantly taking the poor for a ride and misleading the people about the fraudulent “Gujarat model of development”.


Having lost their water, land and coasts (for fishing) these poor people are left bereft of any sustainable rehabilitative support save the one-time compensation for land lost (very meagre and often belated). Before signing MoUs with the GoG, please do ensure that you meet and interact seriously with the impacted people/communities. Hundreds of NGOs representing several million members of civil society are already opposing extremely strongly the MOUs/Agreements signed which not only affect their livelihoods but also their sense of dignity which we are sure you would not wish to happen. Hundreds of people’s movements are ongoing and more may be launched across the country to oppose the fake promises made by Shri Narendra Modi and his Government.

The resources (land, water, coasts) that are proposed to be sacrificed by the Government are part of a well thought out crony capitalist ideology which the people of India oppose tooth and nail. All these realities are being hidden from you by the Government of Gujarat and the Government of India.

Back in your home in the various countries that hail from, ethical and fair business norms are practiced, which are openly flouted here by our Government. We therefore request you to not to enter into any agreements however profitable they may appear to you, without interacting with the undersigned NGOs and various social organisations and people’s movements as well as interact with the affected people in order to make yourselves fully aware of the injustice that is being done to them before risking your capital at grand events meant to delude you. At the earlier Vibrant Gujarat events too several MOUs were signed but very few have been executed due to resistance from the dispossessed and poor people of Gujarat who are backed solidly by many NGOs/people’s movements.

Should you wish, we would be happy to send to you some examples of the unfair and unjust economic policies that Shri Narendra Modi has attempted to execute in the state as the Chief Minister but failed to do so because of massive resistance of the people.

We shall be glad to answer any questions regarding the above you may have in order for you to make a fair assessment of the situation yourselves.

Signed by:   

  1. Sanat Mehta, President, Khedut Samaj-Gujarat
  2. Sagar Rabari, Secretary, Khedut Samaj – Gujarat, Ahmedabad
  3. Persis Ginwalla, Jameen Adhikar Aandolan Gujarat (JAAG), Ahmedabad
  4. Indukumar Jani, Editor, Naya Marg, Ahmedabad
  5. Rohit Prajapati, Activist, Vadodara
  6. Trupti Shah, Activist, Vadodara
  7. Lakhan Musafir, Sittar Gam Adivasi Sangathan
  8. Dr. Jimmy C. Dabhi, Research Director, HDRC, Ahmedabad
  9. Fr. Cedric Prakash, SJ, Director, Prashant, Ahmedabad
  10. Mahesh Pandya, Paryavaran Mitra, Ahmedabad
  11. Neeta Pandya, MARAG, Ahmedabad
  12. Dinesh Rabari, MARAG, Ahmedabad
  13. Dr. Saroop Dhruv, INSAF, Ahmedabad
  14. Hiren Gandhi, Darshan, Ahmedabad
  15. Rajnibhai Dave, President, Gujarat Sarvodaya Mandal, Ahmedabad
  16. Gautam Thaker, General Secretary, PUCL Gujarat
  17. Priti Oza, Prayas Centre for Labour Research and Action, Ahmedabad
  18. Sudhir Katiyar, Prayas Centre for Labour Research and Action, Ahmedabad
  19. Anand Mazgaonkar, Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti, Vadodara
  20. Swati Desai, Bhoomiputra, Vadodara
  21. Micheal Mazgaonkar, Mozda Parivar
  22. Prasad Chacko, Director, Human Development and Research Centre, Ahmedabad
  23. Jhanvi Andharia, Ahmedabad
  24. Anuradha Pati, Development Professional (Rural Livelihoods)
  25. Rajiv Shah, Ahmedabad
  26. M.S.H. Sheikh, President, Brackish Water Research Centre, Olpad, Gujarat
  27. Dr. Sunetra Deshpande, Director, Vox Populi, Ahmedabad
  28. Ashok Parmar, Prayas Centre for Labour Research and Action, Ahmedabad
  29. Ramesh Shrivastava, Prayas Centre for Labour Research and Action, Ahmedabad
  30. Harsukh Kathad, Prayas Centre for Labour Research and Action, Ahmedabad
  31. Denis Macwan, Prayas Centre for Labour Research and Action, Ahmedabad
  32. Mina Jadav, Prayas Centre for Labour Research and Action, Ahmedabad
  33. Prakash N. Shah, Editor, Nirikshak, Ahmedabad
  34. Ulka Mahajan, Sarvahara Jan Andolan
  35. Krishnakant, Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti, Vadodara
  36. Rajendra Ravi
  37. Vijay Diwan, Aurangabad
  38. Satyam Shrivastava, SRUTI, New Delhi
  39. Hasmukh Patel
  40. Deepti Raju, Jeevantirth, Gandhinagar
  41. Jayesh Patel, Khedut Samaj (Gujarat)
  42. Paulomee Mistry, DISHA, Ahmedabad
  43. Vipul Pandya, Bandhkaam Majdoor Sangathan, Ahmedabad
  44. Pankti Jog, Ahmedabad
  45. Harinesh Pandya, Ahmedabad
  46. Badribhai Joshi, Gram Seva Mandal, Tancha
  47. Rameshbhai Patel, Vice President, Khedut Samaj (Gujarat)
  48. Pradyumansinh Chudasma, Bhal Bachao Samiti
  49. Ramdevsinh Chudasma, Bhal Bachao Samiti
  50. Naranbhai Chauhan, Bhal Bachao Samiti
  51. Bhavubhai, Sandhida, Bhal Bachao Samiti
  52. Shivlal Vekaria, Saurashtra Khedut Sangharsh Samiti.
  53. Dahyabhai, Saurashtra Khedut Sangharsh Samiti.
  54. Chandubhai, Saurashtra Khedut Sangharsh Samiti.
  55. Pinak Dhamadia, Khedut Samaj (Gujarat)
  56. Sailesh Raval, Azad Vikas Yuva Sangathan
  57. Dashrath Desai, Maldhari Sangathan
  58. Bharatsinh Jhala, CRANTI, Ahmedabad
  59. Bhavubhai Thakor, Azad Vikas Sangathan
  60. Nipuj Patel, President, Bharuch Jilla Khedut Samaj
  61. Natubhai Nayak, President, Navsari Jilla Khedut Samaj
  62. Dilip Jhala, Mahabal Gauchar Bachao Samiti, Vadodara Zala
  63. K. K. Gohel, Mahuva.
  64. Hamirbhai Shiyal, Kheti Paryavaran Bandhara Bachao Samiti, Mahuva.
  65. Shaktisinh Gohil, Bhavnagar Jilla Gram Bachao Samiti
  66. Damayantiben Modi, Anu Abhyas Juth, Bhavnagar.
  67. Abha Tandel, Kinara Bachao Samiti, Umargaon
  68. Vimlaben Kharadi, Himmatnagar
  69. Sonal Mehta, Eklavya Foundation, Ahmedabad
  70. Ashim Roy, National Trade Union Initiative, New Delhi
  71. Advaita Marathe, Ahmedabad
  72. Sanjeev Kumar, Delhi Forum, New Delhi
  73. Subhash Lomte, Convenor, National Campaign Committee for Rural Workers, NCCRW
  74. Vijay Diwan, Aurangabad Social Forum, Nisarg Mitra Mandal
  75. Soumya Dutta, Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha
  76. Balendra Vaghela, Saurashtra Kutchchh Lokhit Sangharsh Samiti
  77. Shilpa Vasavada, Ahmedabad
  78. Sushila Prajapati, Ahmedabad
  79. Neha Shah, Ahmedabad
  80. Johanna Lokhande, Ahmedabad
  81. Vijay Parmar, Ahmedabad
  82. Rasikbhai Joshi, Dwarka Jilla Khedut Samaj.
  83. Jaskarnbhai Chaudhari, Mahesana Jilla Khedut Samaj.
  84. Shrenik Shah, Bhavnagar.
  85. Mahendrasinh, Bharuch Jilla Khedut Samaj.
  86. Jignesh Mewani, Jan Sangharsh Manch.
  87. Akshay Kankaiya, Nature and Human Care Society, Rajgidh Prakruti Mandal, Mahuva
  88. Dhirubhai Dobariya, Rajkot.
  89. Dinesh Sanghavi, Kutch
  90. Bharat Patel, Machhimar Adhikar Sanghathan, Bhadreshwar, Kutchh.
  91. Virajibhai Patel, Bhavnagar Jilla Khedut Samaj.
  92. Vipin Patel, Khedut Samaj Gujarat.
  93. Amrish Patel, Jan Sangharsh Manch, Ahmedabad
  94. Umesh Solanki, Editor, Nirdhar, Ahmedabad
  95. Vijay Bharatiya, Ahmedabad
  96. Bhagubhai Patel, Bardoli
  97. Ranjitbhai Desai, Navsari
  98. Kamlesh Patel, Rajkot Jilla Khedut Samaj
  99. Shantubhai Patel, Farmer leader, Surat
  100. Sureshbhai P. Makwana, Khedut Hit Rakshak Samiti, Junagadh
  101. Karabhai A. Jhala, Khedut Hit Rakshak Samiti, Junagadh

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