Photos: Dalit Students in Palamuru University Brutally Attacked by ABVP

Via: JAC-UoH’s facebook page

Srinu, a Dalit student of Palamuru University was discriminated and humiliated due to his caste. It began with his roommate (an upper caste member of ABVP) instructing him to maintain distance from him and his belongings. When the Dalit boy complained of this ‘practice of Untouchability’ to the warden he turned a blind eye to it. The Bahujan Studnets Federation(BSF) students who took it up with the higher authorities were also ignored. Later the ABVP students backed by the Brahmin and dominant caste authorities attacked Srinu. He was hit with stones. When BSF president Prudvi Raju went to defend Srinu, both were brutally attacked with stones by these ABVP students. Both are seriously injured and have been admitted under critical conditions.

When will caste atrocities stop?When will modern India annihilate caste? If Untouchability is an ugly and glaring reality even in institutions of higher education we can well imagine its presence elsewhere.

BSF, HCU condemns the attack on our Bahujan friends in Palamuru by these ABVP Brahmanical miscreants. The culprits should be booked under SC/ST(Prevention of Atrocities)Act at the earliest.


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