Protest #10th Jan: DU Against 377

10 January (Friday), 1:30 pm @ Arts Faculty, North Campus, DU   

New Delhi (Press Note): As a mark of protest against the Supreme Court judgement on Section 377 which re-criminalizes consensual homosexual relations between adults, we, the members of DU Queer Collective, a joint body of students and teachers supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) rights and freedom, and the larger university community, are gathering outside the Arts Faculty.

DU against 377We voice our concern and outrage against this law that denies LGBTQ persons their rights and makes them vulnerable to exploitation, oppression and humiliation. This is a fight not only for the dignity of sexual minorities but for each of us committed to the idea of living in a just, pluralistic and inclusive society. Our fight must resonate with the larger struggles of people oppressed along the lines of caste, class, ethnicity, gender and religion.

In solidarity, we demand:

  • Stop the increasing securitization of the campus and the policing of movement of persons on campus.
  • Stop the onslaught on gender studies programmes and other progressive courses under the ill-conceived and undemocratically applied educational “reforms”.
  • Stop discrimination against and harassment of queer and gender transgressive persons in the university – in appointments, in staffrooms, in hostels and on campus.
  • Stop the silencing of sexuality in the classroom, Women Development Cells (WDCs), in student and staff politics.

DU Queer Collective (DUQC) is not just a single issue collective but seeks to address a range of laws that affect queer persons apart from 377 like the public nuisance act, the obscenity laws, the Karnataka police act and the criminalization of sex work. We aim to take sexual politics beyond the law to the classroom, the staffroom, the campus, and the streets, to other struggles and to those around us anywhere and everywhere.

For further details contact: Rafiul (8447405133), Vikramaditya (9891199351)

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