Protest against fee-hike in IIT-Kharagpur: why the students’ agitation is justified

In IIT-Kharagpur, the student community mostly comprising of Research Scholars have sat on indefinite hunger strike in protest against administration’s decision of HOH fee hike. They gathered in front of the main gate, have closed all the gates of the academic area and all the traffic has been stopped. Students said that they would sit there until Director himself comes to address them.

The administration has responded with a rather quite apathetic attitude, saying that the “Institute will very sympathetically consider the request by the students and when the Deputy Director returns, the exact amount of assistance will be decided in the month of January 2017. The students are requested to pay the exact amount as has been decided and subsequently, it will be adjusted to the extent of the support given by the institute.”

In response to this, the students organized a protest, and have sat on a hunger strike. Have a look at what students said regarding the fee hike and why student community thinks that they are not liable to pay the hiked fee as per the proposed changes.

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