Protesting Arrests and Brutal Violence In UoH: Solidarity in California

Vinay Bhat

Some of us got together to protest the violence against HCU students/faculty and for ‪#‎JusticeforRohith‬ Pamphlet distributed at the site

We are here to express our solidarity to the students and faculty who were brutally beaten up in the University of Hyderabad, India, by the police protecting a state and a Vice-Chancellor who were implicated in the death of Rohith Vemula, a young Dalit research scholar in January 2016. When the students gathered on campus on March 22nd to protest against the re-instatement of Appa Rao, the Vice-Chancellor, tthe police, clearly directed by the administration and the government, unleashed unexplainable violence in the form of beatings, kicking, grabbing, and molesting women students, before 36 of them, including three faculty members were taken away in custody. They have been remanded on a 14-day custody on unreasonable grounds. In addition, the university cut down food, water, and the supply of electricity to the hostels,making students’ prisoners on campus. All these actions by the state and the university are evidently indicative of shutting down all possible spaces for democratic debate and discussion. This is an attempt to silence resisting voices through domination and power, as has always been the case with India’s Brahminical caste structure.

The protests that emerged after Rohith’s suicide had tried to foreground how caste discrimination perpetrated by Brahminical educational institutions, and the Hindu right wing government, pushes Dalit-Bahujan students to death. Dalit-Bahujan students posed serious questions to the age-old oppressive Brahminical hierarchy as well as to the fascist government that supports and sponsors the practice of this ideology. This movement today raises questions to the caste-ridden Indian society and demands an immediate change in the organization of things for a better democratic tomorrow.

We condemn the brutality of the police and the state on these students who are most rightly questioning the inhuman caste practices of India. We stand in solidarity with the students, the faculty, and other protestors as Dalit-Bahujans and committed allies. Join us in registering our protest against the repression of students and their right to dissent for a better casteless tomorrow, as Dr. Ambedkar had envisaged.

Jai Bhim!


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