PUCL Statement Condemning Providing `Z’ category security cover to Mukesh Ambani

Peoples Union for Civil Liberties is of the firm opinion that the decision of the Central Governments to provide `Z category security to Mr. Mukesh Ambani defies all democratic traditions.

tailang-z-securityWhile in no way entering into any discussion as to gravity of threat to Mr. Ambani, PUCL is in principle, seriously concerned that State machinery should be made available to a private person one has not heard of government security being provided by U.S.A. govt. (where terror syndrome is very high) to the counterparts of Mr. Mukesh Ambani like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates.

It is also reported that Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is unhappy because it will mean diverting its personnel from other sensitive regions. Already the shortage of security forces is being felt both in meeting terrorist challenge and even internal security in many places in the country. The government, one would have thought, would deploy more security / police personnel for such public duties, rather than to safeguard private individuals.

This arbitrary and discriminatory decision of the Central Government to provide security for a single individual also stands out when contrasted to the lack of sense of urgency and concern shown by the same government to ensure safety and security of thousands of women from sexual violence occurring with such repeated tendency in Delhi and other places. It strengthens the impression, that for the Central Government, some individuals are more important than ordinary citizens.

It is also very ironical that the Central Government which has been lax and remiss to respond to requests of State Governments to urgently send CRPF and other paramilitary forces to contain sectarian sectarian violence which had killed scores of people and caused immense destruction, as in Assam last year, should respond with such great alacrity to protect a private individual.

PUCL is the view that the State agencies cannot be made available for private purposes. Such a decision is both arbitrary and discriminatory in favour of industrialists. In fact the National Police Commission (NPC) and other similar bodies have pointed out that providing `Z category or high security to politicians and others has become a status symbol. If this decision is not revoked how will the government refuse similar request from other billionaires. Surely the State / Government is not the Executive Committee of the Billionaires.
It will not be out of place here to point out that the Governments both Central and State are remiss in carrying out urgently required police reforms to improve policing, sensitise the police force and ensure safety for women, children, elderly and other citizens across the country. Even though the Supreme Court has several times noted with anguish the unwillingness of many Governments to implement the recommendations of National Police Commissions and other bodies, our leaders dont seem to be bothered or to care.

PUCL reiterates that the Government has a constitutional duty to ensure protection and security of all citizens, which will be affected more if the decision to provide `Z category security to Mukesh Ambani is not rescinded immediately.

PUCL calls upon the Government to withdraw this decision which is discriminatory and against all principles of equal citizenship.

Prof. Prabhakar Sinha
National President, PUCL

Dr. V. Suresh
National General Secretary, PUCL

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