Rajasthan: PUCL Condemns the Attempt of Glorifying Godse

PUCL Appeals to the Chief Minister to Take Back the Order Making Surya Namaskar Compulsory Which Is Against Secular Norms of the Indian State; the PUCL Condemns the Attempt of Glorification of Gandhi’s Killers Godse in Alwar and Demands the Lodging of an FIR and the Urgent Arrest of the Accused

Jaipur/Alwar (4th Feb, 2015/ Press Note): The PUCL is of the opinion that there is a resurgence of Hindutva forces in Rajasthan and it is being led by a section of the Government Minister and those close to the ruling dispensation. The two illustrations given above show that there is an attack on the secular nature of the Indian State and attempts are being made to make India into “Hindu Rashtra”.

The order of making compulsory Surya Namaskar for all Government and Private schools is clearly an attempt at coercing children of other religions to participate in Hindu Practices as Surya Namaskar is nothing but one such Hindu religious practice. IF this is not an attack on the Secular nature of our schools then what would be? The Minister Vasudev Devnani who became a Minister by taking the oath of a Secular Indian Constitution has forgotten that the State in India has no religion and that this directives in a way orders the domination of one religion in school which all children have to practice. PUCL demands from the Chief Minister to take back this order and restore the secular nature of our school system.

This flyover in Alwar was about to be named after Gandhi's Killer Nathuram Godse
This flyover in Alwar was about to be named after Gandhi’s Killer Nathuram Godse

Spreading of hate and glorification of Gandhis killer in Alwar City:

The PUCL is shocked that despite more than 24 hours having passed since an attempt was made of naming a Fly over after “Nationalist Nathuram Godse” on the 3rd of February, 2015, no FIR as yet has been lodged by the administration neither any attempt made by them to arrest the violators and those spreading hate. We demand from the district collector and SP to immediately lodge an FIR against the accused who presented themselves to a section of the media.

The PUCL is absolutely clear that it will stand up against the propaganda which is being directed against Mahatma Gandhi and glorification of his murderers. It is also shameful that those glorifying the killer of Gandhi are close to the ruling dispensation both at the State and the Centre, as such the Governments at the Centre and the State must urgently stop all such efforts from within its ranks.

We are:

Prem Krishan Sharma ( President, PUCL RAJASTHAN, Kavita Srivastava ( General Secretary, PUCL RAJASTHAN, Munshi Khan ( President, PUCL Alwar district), Noor Mohammed (General Secretary, PUCL Alwar district

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