Students Protest Bravely in Doon University amid Media Silence and Repression

Students of Doon University are protesting from last one month against fraudulent recruitment and other irregularities in university and unconstitutional and inhumane rules and regulations imposed by University administration.

This movement started in second week of May, when students started protesting against bizarre rules issued by university administration in Prospectus of new session. However, during protest when students caught the honourable vice chancellor and IQAC members red handed, recruiting an ineligible person for the post of Associate Professor and hence they started protesting against such irregularities and are now demanding independent judicial enquiry of all the recruitments and activities of university. Also they are demanding the resignation of all the people involved in such corrupt practices, including the Vice Chancellor. Students boycotted their classes, conducted signature campaigns in Dehradoon, organised Candle march and are continuously sitting in front of Administration Block. However the administration’s response to this is nothing, they are letting student suffer. Students have now stepped up their agitation and are sitting in front of Administration Block round the clock. They are sitting and sleeping in front of administration Block.

University has issued certain rules and regulations pertaining to student code of conduct. Students came to know about theses through admission prospectus for the year 2016-17. The rules/portions of rules against which students have objection are – banning of all forms of protests such as such as gheraos, sit-ins, hunger strikes, group bargaining, staging demonstrations etc, calling media or students/office bearers of other institutions/organizations in the campus, photocopying of books. If any student is found to be violating the aforementioned rules he/she will be expelled or rusticated or imposed a fine as heavy as that of INR 10000.

University officials are running university like a privately owned institute. They are appointing anyone they want, doing whatever they want keeping at stake the future of students and hence of this nation.

University students have been protesting against extremely high fees, fraudulent recruitments and other such irregularities of administration. They have further been fighting for forming student body in university to strengthen the voice of student fraternity. To suppress the voice of vigilant and conscious students, the university administration has imposed such bizarre rules. Given that freedom of protest and assembly is a constitutional right as well as human right, issuing such draconian rules is a violation of constitutional freedom and basic human rights.

Students are continuously protesting against such suppressing regime of university officials. On the other hand to suppress and disrupt the movement, university administration is issuing even more bizarre rules like taking an official permission before putting up any kind of notice/flyer on hostel and university notice boards. They are further targeting individuals involved in the movement and maligning their name and character by filing false cases against them.

The 31st May Incident

The real aim behind all of this was soon clear. Firstly the decision to call only two candidates for two post itself is a violation of UGC norms which state that for each post at least 3 candidates should be called. The vigilant student community of this university decided that since the future and careers of the students are involved, the fraudulent recruitment process had to be opposed. Our fears were confirmed . The shortlisted candidates did not even have minimum qualification and work experience to teach as associate professors in Economics and still they were shortlisted by the administration. On 31st May, when the interviews happened the students gathered to ask the VC that why people with dubious qualifications were being appointed. The VC and administration tried to trick the students into believing that the interviews were genuine. However the candidate himself could not produce the required documents and hence students were forced to physically prevent the interview from taking place to stop the fraudulent appointments.

This must have been a rare instance where students in a university had to take such extreme step – so blatant was the fraud and shameless was the administration in defending the indefensible. Since then we have been demanding that an impartial and fair enquiry be conducted to look into this and all other recruitments of the university.

Our Demands are thus:

  • Constitute a fair and independent enquiry into the appointment process of the university by a competent judicial/government agency
  • Any draconian rules and regulations curtailing democratic student participation in university affairs and dissent should never be considered
  • Give an affordable quality education and a secure future to the students
  • Stop individual targeting and removal of all the charges imposed on students who are actively participating in the movement
  • The current VC has lost our trust and should ideally take moral responsibility to step aside until the enquiry is completed

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