A Strongly Worded Call to Resist Anti-Democratic Organisations Like ABVP

Smriti Bhoker 
Of all the things that I’ve known to be true succumbs down to 2 very brief beliefs. One being that no matter how hard the questions are of our day to day life almost everything can be explained by science or poetry and the second belief is that without the social development a country’s political progressiveness is as hollow as the brains of most UP politicians.
As I began writing I was told not to be too harsh on current affairs or on the existing government which translates into the simple idea of “Don’t speak your mind because the right wing extremists can be at your door to assassinate you for it”, as a 21 year old who is reluctant to make her life about the dying art of Urdu poetry I refuse to curb the honesty or the harshness of my expression.
As a woman, I urge all women to not rely on the statistics that tell us that we are endangered as a species merely for having a different set of genitals, I refuse to be scared of these constant rape and acid attack threats and to my surprise this society has developed a disturbing tolerance towards all right wing committees subjecting women to hate crimes just because they have chosen to have a voice that not only differs from ABVP/RSS/BJPs idea of nationalism but these voices more often than not do make sense.
As a student who grew up with the idea that if you work hard enough you can achieve anything. (As every Indian student is taught, these days in class rooms our current PMs example is most used to validate that belief). On the other hand I’m told that my ideas and dreams are only valid till such time they don’t make a right wing kar sevak mad, I’m told that if I so much as want to understand the hardships of Rohit Vemula’s mother I’m an anti national, if I question Najeeb’s disappearance I’ve cheated on my own country.
How come questioning our country deems such students as myself anti national? Didn’t this country literally start with a few questions like “Why the hell are a bunch of Britishers dictating terms for us?” And coming to 2017 why is ABVP telling students what seminars they should hold?
I’m not from DU yet this affects me on the most personal level because it’s sending a clear message to everyone that as long as your cause is pro nationalism (as per the ABVP/RSS guidelines) using violence is justified. We have used violence against our own for the longest time weather it was 1991 or 2003 we have had the audacity to deem those horror stories as acts of patriotism, we have had the foolishness to actually elect one of the goons who according to the judiciary may or may not have been there wounding our democracy to its very core.
As a citizen of this country which is a democratic one or was the last time I checked, I’m not going to stand and let illegality of any cause to survive it’s way through. Having said that, curbing freedom of expression to let hate speech settle on the surface is something that should shock our national conscious, Yes, my friends at popular media- It’s way more shocking than Dimple Yadav calling Smriti Irani too dramatic, it deserves more weightage than Shahid Kapoor not wanting to work with Kangana Ranaut.
As a human being to tell me that I don’t have the right to think critically about the actions of my own government however impersonal they maybe (which they never are), I have to tell you I will not let my freedom to think or feel be under the influence of a nameless mob that has produced nothing but genocides and has spread nothing but hate. I will not let this generation succumb into the anger towards someone’s idea of wanting to be more than that.
As a citizen who wants to identify the existing problem of her own country before solving it, I’m not going to be deemed as an anti national.
My dear millennials are up and awake and this last week has shown me that every hate oriented organisation should watch out, It’s time.

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