RSS Game in Bengal Gets Murkier: Extortion and Trafficking Racket Exposed!

Soibal Dasgupta

We received a set of call recordings from reliable sources in the Bharatiya Janata Party which cover conversations between the top leaders of organizations affiliated to the Sangh Parivar in Bengal and other evidence that indicate extortion being one of the income sources for the right-wing organizations and BJP’s support to the persecution of Bengali Hindus.

The person allegedly involved is someone called Sunnyur Rahman, a Bangladeshi immigrant who is said to have been hired by the Hindu Jagran Manch to gather money out of hate mongering and extortion. In one of the recordings Ambikanand Maharaj, a self-claimed godman and Human rights activist, is heard saying that Sunnyur’s work around women is known to him but as Rahman is spreading communalism effectively he must not be hindered. On the other hand, Amit Roy, Burdwan district secretary of Hindu Jagran Manch when asked about this trade, is heard saying, women are parasites so changing men on the bed shouldn’t bother men at all. Moreover, he clarified that Hindu Jagran Manch and Sunnyur Rahman work together. “I have myself trained him, how to earn in this way” added Roy when asked about the source of Sunnyur’s income.

A Bajrang Dal leader on the condition of anonymity told us that both Amit Roy and Ambikanand receive a commission from Sunnyur’s income. Sunnyur is used to instigate communal riots in Bengal. To name one, the activist named the Bhaduria riot. Coincidentally, in an article related to Sunnyur Rahman’s activities published by a local news portal, police did confirm Sunnyur Rahman’s association with the riot to the team of the news portal.

However, what soured his relationship with the Bajrang Dal and the Hindu Sanhati is his alleged business of forced prostitution. “He is forcing our Hindu sisters into prostitution.”, said a Bajrang Dal leader, “he shoots nude films of the Hindu girls and then blackmails them to either get him money on his PayTM number or satisfy leaders.” It is also alleged that Vishwa Hindu Parishad lodge at Gangasagar is used for this purpose.

To explain the situation, he provided a recording of a conversation between a right-wing activist and a Bangladeshi student studying in India, Sudipta Mondal who is deemed to be Sunnyur Rahman’s right-hand. As per the discussion, Sudipta agreed to cooperate and hand over all evidence against Sunnyur Rahman’s activities if he is approached by Indian security agencies. However, listening to the conversation, we could figure out that the real motivation behind the rise of Bangladeshi’s interest in Indian politics. Allegedly, BJP agents have promised some Bangladeshis that by cooperating with them in polarising the society, disturbing the social fabric of West Bengal, one can get Indian citizenship.

One would think can it really happen? Unfortunately, it is indeed happening. Sudipta claimed that his citizenship is ready, something he gained by supporting Indian right-wing while evidence shows that Indian documents are provided to these individuals with the help of BJP in the center.

A Hindu Sanhati leader on the condition of anonymity said that Sunnyur had been caught by the police two-three times for various cases but Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy and West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh’s open support keeps the police away from him although all his activities are known to them.

“Sunnyur Rahman isn’t working alone, it is a racket”, added the leader, “Moreover, the girls targeted by Sunnyur Rahman’s racket are the ones who won’t come up in the public.” He gave references to some girls and their family members. The names cannot be disclosed but one of the victims Moumita Saha chose to write the matter on Facebook.

On 8th October 2017 she wrote:

…for money he wanted me to sleep with one of his friends. You can well imagine the nature of the person who can deal the girl whom he calls his sister or who can fake his child’s murder…”

She also attached the following screenshot of her conversation with Sunnyur Rahman which shows how he blackmails the girls.

Translation of the conversation:

Sunnyur: Without evidence nothing is true.

Moumita: Yes.

Sunnyur: You have slept with Nijhum (alias of Sudipta Mondal). Someone has told me. Provide me the evidence of your virginity.

Moumita: Shame on you! I haven’t even met him.

Sunnyur: Where is the proof of your virginity? Prove it.

Similar was the case with another victim. She was contacted but she refused to talk much about it as she fears Sunnyur may harm her and her family if she speaks anything against him. However, she did mention that Sunnyur used to force her to ‘get people pay Sunnyur money on his PayTM number’. “He used to say he needed an Indian girl who would marry him and get him Indian citizenship.”, added the girl.

According to Joyanta Roychowdhury, one of the people who sheltered Sunnyur in India, Sunnyur’s activities were quite known in the Bangladeshi circles. He confirmed that women are forced into prostitution by Sunnyur and also talked about his tipping business. Allegedly, Sunnyur Rahman is known to be a part of plans of getting Hindus and atheists murdered by Islamic extremists. This certainly helps the Bharatiya Janata Party capitalize on the issue and gain a foot in West Bengal. Roychowdhury said, “Asad Noor, a freethinker from Bangladesh was called to India and asked to monger hatred for BJP in return for a fixed salary, shelter and Indian citizenship but when he refused to be a political tool, Muslims were provided with a doctored video showing Asad declaring that he would urinate on Quran along with my address where Asad was staying for the time being.” He claims that the video was uploaded by Sunnyur with a motive to get Asad killed by the Islamic extremists.

Asad Noor’s case was verified by most of the former associates of Rahman. In fact, Sunnyur’s PAN card was revealed to the public by Noor before he went back to Bangladesh.

However, a source associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh provided a screenshot where Sunnyur is seen providing the address of a Kolkata based Hindu lady and instigating Bangladeshi right-wing elements to carry out attacks on her by calling her an associate of Asad Noor. A police complaint was filed but once again no action was taken. “His actions are dubious and he is a criminally minded person.”, said a source in the BJP and showed me the evidence of a murder of a child. The child is seen in Sunnyur’s arms and in the second picture, it is alleged that Sunnyur Rahman’s son had been murdered by Islamic extremist groups. “Sunnyur’s child is alive”, said the source, “a child known to Sunnyur was definitely murdered but the child’s identity is not known” It certainly puts the narrative in question. We tried finding the identity but it was confirmed from his acquaintances that no child known to Rahman has been reported to be killed. Even Ambikanand claimed that Sunnyur’s son is alive. We were unable to trace the identity of the child but one thing was clear, Sunnyur earned a good amount on the expense of this murder.

We were able to get some information about Sunnyur Rahman’s funding from an acquaintance of Sathi Mondal who is presently living with Sunnyur Rahman and allegedly his new partner in his business although both of them claim to be husband and wife citing a morphed marriage photograph. As per records, Sunnyur hasn’t divorced his wife and any marriage prior to it has to be considered invalid. The acquaintance claimed that Sathi Mondal’s mother and sister received money from dubious sources in their Bank of India, Basirhat Branch accounts that were transferred to Sathi’s axis bank account (915010006948931) The same claim was mentioned in an official complaint filed by a Bajrang Dal activist Sajoy Sau. The acquaintance also confirmed the allegations of Sunnyur’s involvement in forcing girls to prostitution.

This is not the first time that the names of BJP leaders have come up in relation to human trafficking. Early last year, a Mahila Morcha leader Juhi Chowdhury was caught in connection to a child trafficking racket. Interestingly she too received unconditional support from the top leaders of the party.

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