Shiv Sena and BJP : Hate in Maharashtra, Love in Bengal

We would like to wish Shiv Sena, a very all the best for the coming elections and admire its stand against the anti-people BJP. The great leader of Shiv Sena, Uddhav Thackrey has said that “time has come to ban BJP”- what a bold step, you must be wondering. However, for us- The Anonymous Secularist group, this news comes to us as an entertaining joke. We end up evaluating the recordings and other evidences with pop-corns and Shiv Sena comedy. All we can say is, Thackrey has actually proved his incapability as a leader.

How can you control an entire state when you have no idea of what’s going on in your party?

Do you have any idea of what Shiv Sena Bengal doing? Do not lie! We know very well and we are writing here. We must mention that this article is not as per our protocol but we cannot see you cracking jokes and laugh alone.

Shiv Sena Bengal is nothing but a B-Team of BJP. We often see brave Shiv Sainiks raising BJP slogans in BJP rallies and even boasting around after clicking pictures with BJP leaders. However, the best part is still left- during the Demonetization, your party cadres in Bengal were spreading the BJP propaganda that there was no inconvenience. Yes, we know you supported TMC but your demands were different, you were against the inconvenience but not the demonetization. Again, at least tell your stand to your party members.

We see Shiv Sena against BJP but in Bengal we see your “important cadres” sharing BJP events with Modi G’s pictures.

“Arey Bhaiya agenda kya hai?”

Most of the members of your party are also members of BJP. How will you deal with it? A bold facebook Shiv Sainik “Sanjoy Singha” is often found campaigning for BJP. This is not the only case, there are a number of Shiv Sainiks who are associated with Hindu Sanhati and Tapan Ghosh. Oh, did I forget to mention Tapan Ghosh’s political affiliation? No- not at all, if you aren’t aware then refer to our 1st and 2nd articles. We have given a detailed synopsis on Tapan Ghosh and his Hindu Sanhati. What a painful scenario.

Let’s talk about the official facebook accounts of the district branches of Shiv Sena Bengal, Admins, voluntarily do not post against BJP. We challenge you to ask them to write anything on your stand and openly admit that Shiv Sena is not an ally/ B-team of BJP. We assure you that if they do, your pages will be flooded with abuses. That’s how Karma works. We do not know about Maharashtra but certainly, Shiv Sena Bengal is an integral part of the party and it is a B-team of BJP Bengal. All your members are associated with BJP/ RSS which claims directly involved in BJP politics. (Phone Rec. present, by a senior most Swayam Sevak who holds a top most position.) Do not tell us, RSS is a social outfit and nothing to do with BJP. Your members are continuously campaigning for BJP and taking part in their rallies. We would like to suggest that please ban BJP for your own party members then talk about banning BJP from Maharashtra. We are enclosing some screen shots of your brave Shiv Sainiks. We hope you love these.

Innocent Shiv Sainik campaigning for BJP’s Tapan Ghosh!
(Time to BAN BJP )


Bholu Shiv Sainik campaigning for BJP’s Adityanath

(And someone said, time to BAN BJP)

Sanghi friends hope you see the screen shot and understand how deep Anonymous Secularist is rooted in your party.
Whatever we say, we say with proofs. Refer to our second article.

Mr. Thackrey, BAN BJP, meanwhile within your party… BAR BAR MODI SARKAR!


And your party workers raise the slogan “BJP ZINDABAD”. Didn’t they say “LOL” when you said BAN BJP?

And the epic-

Don’t say that the party isn’t aware of this page and the activities. All the senior members of Shiv Sena Bengal are added in this page and this guy is a member of both BJP and Shiv Sena.

Shiv Sena Bengal is continuously helping BJP. Mr. Thackrey is either unaware of this fact, in that case he is too innocent for politics or himself fooling the masses. We hope Shiv Sena trolls question their leaders instead of abusing #AnonymousSecularist .

We also want to inform our Sanghi friends that we are aware of each plan of yours. Finding Anonymous Secularist is neither easy nor possible. So keep your plans with you.

Tum kitne Anonymous dhundnikaloge
Shakha- Shakha se Anonymous niklenge.

We’ll come up with our article on demonetization very soon. So Bank Managers helped politicians? Why not tell the whole world?

We are taking time because we aren’t impatient. We see our page with 8 likes and 700- 800 views. Good but stalking won’t help.


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Anonymous Secularist is a network of Swayam Sevaks who raised their voices against BJP after facing ethnic discrimination. We are committed to the equality and diversity guaranteed by the Constitution of India.


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