This Sick Anti-Reservation TV Ad by Havells Fans Betrays Deep-Seated Hatred For Dalits

Vaibhav Wasnik

The way the higher castes use their control over indian media to create a narrative is really something. I mean look at this innocent sounding ad. Now, Indian reservation system is about giving representation to 85 percent of the population in the white collared jobs of the country, where their representation is miniscule, with majority of the jobs being controlled by the 15 percent higher castes, who even control the industries and all the other arms of the economic establishment.

Now what is this ad suggesting. A father will tell his daughter to not apply in a reserved category. And that is supposed to be some kind of social change according to the higher castes. Well, let us dissect the picture a little bit, with proper perspectives in the background. Now it is no secret that the cream of the country is eaten up by the higher castes and the back breaking work is done by the lower castes. In order to get a position in white collared jobs one has to be injected with the steroids of great coaching classes, better education, better support at home etc, which is still a monopoly of higher castes. So this ad implies that social change is when lowercastes do not take up positions of economic prosperity available to them, but let these positions be vacant and let the higher castes occupy these positions. Even if one can find a few lower castes who even had the benefit of proper education when competiting against an overwhelmingly larger number of higher castes with the same education, the possibility of ending up with positions anyway decreases.

So this is supposed to be an ideal dad, who wants his daughter to not get to the pinnacle of economic prosperity according to this ad. But then what about the owner of this havel company. I mean his son will surely be made owner of the company in the future, that too without regards of being talented or not. Somehow such a quota is cool. I mean his son will be sent to the best schools in the world, plainly because his father will be able to finance his education. That financial quota is all cool. I mean we have a perfect example in the Ambani’s today, who if were born among lowercastes would be selling tea just like their puppet Modi.

Next, these fans are sold to lowercastes, because finally lowercastes dont control any production in India. So this is the real naked slavery as far as India goes. The companies that supposedly sell the products to lowercastes also sell them narratives to make sure that they remain in positions of economic servitude and never challenge dominance of higher castes in the economic sphere. That is the magnitude of slavery that is what is India.

The immediate way to fight such a slavery is to ban such casteist ads. So please file a complaint here:




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