[SIGN PEITION] Dear SBI, don’t fund Adani’s project in Australia.

Dear SBI

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All other banks have stayed away from Adani’s “coal-bomb” project in Australia’s Queensland dubbing it an unsurmountable financial risk. But the most favorite corporate house of the Govt of India has people’s money on its side – the State bank of India, the largest public sector bank bullied by the Modi govt to finance this project.

But people of India have reposed more than their money with the SBI. It’s decades of trust and positive outlook.

The local community in Australia has highlighted the environmental destruction, misery for the aboriginal communities and the threat to the great barrier reef that this project would unleash.

The aboriginal communities in Australia are extremely vulnerable people – their land, their culture, their livelihoods and fundamental human rights have been often crushed by the dominant ruling classes.

We, as citizens of India, who want the bank we are proud of to invest in human-friendly, environment-friendly and financially wise projects, urge the SBI to desist from supporting Adani’s greed.

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