Sri Sri’s Event: The Mud And Mess That Media Didn’t Show You

Vimlendu Jha on facebook

Yes, environmental justice and action seems like a lost battle in our country and most of the mainstream indeed has become mute spectators, even connivers. Last evening after Police action against us peaceful protestors, we all were pretty disheartened, and in despair I wrote that GOOD BYE message. After lurking around the site for a few hours, me and my driver dropping stranded and harrased AOL delegates to their nearby hotels, I couldn’t resist myself from going inside and risking it again and witness the plunder, and it was an absolute mess (photos attached).

90% of the seats were empty, the entire area was one big puddle of ‘keechar’, people slipping and falling, waste all around, no security anywhere.

Then it was high time I took AOL head on from what better than their newly illegally occupied ‘turf’, I did almost a 40 minute ripping apart of AOL and it’s false claims on Rahul Kanwal show on India Today, live from there, how media was largely showing the rainbow and not the mess on the ground. It was indeed scary to confront these hundreds of bhakts who had surrounded us, but truth had to be told. Imagine what mess will it be today after the nonstop rain we have received last night.

Yes the justice system is blindfolded, citizens are not. Our morale is a little low, our morals at an all time high.

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