Stop maligning JNU!: Sucheda De on her experience in newsroom

Sucheta De

I had seen that they had been running hashtags like JNU students and teachers are #AfzalLeague . When i objected they claimed they were based on facts…and when I disagreed, they started threatening me that they will run hashtags against me.

There is a difference between reporting and inciting!! We have already witnessed how some media houses have been actively and openly inciting violence against JNU students and teachers. I just witnessed another harrowing example of the same today. Since day time, the NewsX channel had been calling me regularly to come for one of their discussions. I had been told that there would be a discussion on ‪#‎SeditionLaw‬ and that the chief editor would be present during the discussion. When I told the editor how some hashtags, tweets and headlines run by them were hugely biased and inciting violence against JNU, he got angry and claimed that they were based on facts. Considering that he had already presumed them to be facts, it was evident that there was no scope of an unbiased discussion!!

I refused to participate in the show where conclusion had already been arrived at and he threatened that they would now run hashtags against me!!! Such open threats in name of journalism exposes the role being played by the media!! Far from fair reporting, channels like these are blatantly using their platform to harass and threaten students and propagate lies!! They are least interested in finding the truth!! ‪#‎StopMaligningJNU‬ ‪#‎LiesMustStop‬

Watch Sucheta speaking in JNU earlier this week:

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