People chase Smriti Irani in Bihar, Bandaru in Nanded, Demand Justice for Rohith Vemula

In Bihar,

When Smriti Irani visited Bhagalpur town in Bihar, people protested against her visit and shouted slogans of ‘Amar Rahe, Rohith Vemula’. The people of Bhagalpur while protesting stated that Smriti Irani is as responsible as the five culprits booked for Rohith’s death because she misused her position of responsibility and exerted pressure on University administration to persecute the five Dalit research scholars. She acted upon the letter given to her by the BJP Union Minister Bandaru Dattatraya in which he labelled University of Hyderabad as “a den of casteists, extremists and anti-nationals”. Smriti Irani should be sacked from the MHRD minister’s post immediately. All the five culprits must be arrested immediately.

In Maharashtra,

People of Nanded protest against the visit of BJP Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya in Maharashtra. Arrest Bandaru Dattatreya, one of the culprits booked under SC/ST PoA act and Abetment of Suicide.

Revolutionary salute to people of Nanded!

Courtesy: Facebook page of Joint Action Committee for Social Justice, University of Hyderabad

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