Students in Mumbai Protest in Solidarity with UoH

On 22nd March Appa Rao, the VC of University of Hyderabad against whom the Prevention of SC/ST atrocities Act have been evoked in connection with the institutional murder of Rohith Vemula, returned to take charge. This resulted in the students under JAC-UoH to protest. The police was called into the academic space to attack the protesting students. Police Brutality has resulted in students hospitalized for internal bleeding, multiple fractures, slips and what not. Girl students were protecting the boys from getting hit since police women arrived later on scene. Many girls were also seriously injured.

Joint Action Committee for social Justice -Mumbai called for a joint protest against the action of the Telangana Police. Also, reiterating the earlier demands which the government has ignored – Enact Rohith Act , Remove Appa Rao as VC, prosecute all culprits including BJP union ministers Smriti Irani and Bandaru Dattatreya.

Several organizations and individuals came together today under the banner of Joint Action Committee for Social Justice, Mumbai, Maharashtra to protest against the police violence, wrongful arrests and the denial of electricity , water and food for students in Hyderabad Central University. It extends solidarity to students who are opposing the resumption of duties by HCU vice chancellor Apparao Podile who is an accused in the murder of Rohith and has been charged under the SC/ST Atrocities Act. The protest was held outside Mumbai University main gate in the afternoon of 23rd March. Students from TISS, IIT, TIFR, Mumbai University, Siddharth college, Nirmala Niketan participated. Participating organizations were Mumbai Student Solidarity, Samata vidyarthi aghadi, SIO,SDPI, WPI, SFI, Bharip, Republican Panthers, Yalgar, Chatra bharti, Bharat bachao Andolan, Vidyarthi bharti, UCDE.

Joint Action Committee for social Justice -Mumbai


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