Support us in our struggle for justice: an appeal from Maruti-Suzuki workers

An appeal to strengthen our Campaign for JUSTICE
by MARUTI SUZUKI WORKERS UNION (Provisional Working Committee)

Dear Comrade,

As you know, since 18th July 2012 in the Maruti factory in Manesar-Haryana-India, as per the nexus of management-police-administration-government, we have had to face the heavy hand of injustice and repression, which continues to this day. 215 of our fellow workers have baseless fabricated cases on them, 147 workers have been jailed, 2300 workers have had their jobs terminated including 546 permanent workers. Today, more than three years later, 35 workers continue to languish in jail without bail. The last stages of debate on the trial is approaching. The company management and state are in full preparation to set an example by handing the harshest sentence on workers, so that workers fear to raise their voices in struggle.

The state is keen to show its commitment to the interests of national-international capital, by clearing all ‘bottlenecks’ to the logic of their business, by crushing all resistance put up by workers who make and suffer this senseless model of development. The pro-corporate changes in labour laws to the repression of Maruti workers are sides of the same coin. So the Maruti Suzuki workers who languish in jail for more than three years without any semblance of concrete proof of their ‘guilt’ are political prisoners in the conflict between the class of owners and the working class. This is the reason that workers of Orient Craft and Graziano have to be behind bars for years on end. And this is the reason that the Judge in the Chandigarh High Court has to say that ‘the bail of Maruti workers will affect foreign investment’. In such a scenario, all pro-worker forces and individuals will again have to come together against this conspiracy of power.

As the last debate in the Trial Court in Gurgaon approaches, we have decided to undertake ‘Campaign for Justice’ in various parts of the country to expose this unholy nexus of the company management and the State. It is with your solidarity till date that our struggle has seen this long mile. It is our appeal that you again participate and take this campaign up in whatever capacities and ways possible. It is our appeal that you organize programs in your own cities and localities with various pro-worker and pro-people forces, in which we would also come and participate.

Towards the end of this campaign, on 27th November 2015, come and attend the ‘Workers Justice Convention’ in Gurgaon and make the program successful and a marker of continued and strengthening united resolve of forces struggling against state-corporate nexus.

With Revolutionary Greetings,
Provisional Working Committee
Maruti Suzuki Workers Union

[Rajpal- 9466167876, Ramniwas-8901127876]

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