Tech Mahindra’s leaked audiotape: vindictive termination of employee and why we must fight it

It is indeed a perilous time for the IT Industry. We are looking at a phenomenon in which experienced, skilled, middle level employees are being thrown out like junk each and every day across the industry. Companies name it Performance Optimization, Restructuring, Cost Optimization, Involuntary Exit and a lot of other flowery yet meaningless phrases to describe this phenomenon. The long standing accusation by FITE and other IT Employee Unions about this phenomenon has now come to the center stage again with the media attention on Tech Mahindra Audio Leak about an exit call that happened between the HR of the Company and the affected employee. The audio leak provides an undeniable evidence on the ruthless phenomenon going on in the IT Sector.

As always, FITE in the process of challenging unlawful terminations was contacted by the affected Tech Mahindra Employee on June 12, 2017 (Monday), about the phone call he received from the HR asking him to resign the next day morning by 10 AM or get terminated. We also learnt that the HR warned the employee that he will not get service letter which is key for the employee to seek a new job if he didn’t resign from the company.We were shocked by the way, the HR carelessly mentioned that the exit process was based on cost optimization. Owing to the threat about his termination from service by June 15, 2017 (Thursday), we immediately set to work and prepared a 2A petition for the employee and submitted the petition on June 15, 2017. We also met with the Labour Commissioner in Karmika Bhavan office, here in Bangalore and complained to him about the scenario and he also listened to the recorded call. The Labour Commissioner ensured to look into the issue. We also uploaded the audio in soundcloud so that people get to know whats happening behind the glass doors of Tech Mahindra.

The irony of the situation is that, the affected employee was not a “poor performer” and he was assigned to a billable project. Two days after he got his exit call from the HR, he was also selected to a new project within his company. His being a billable, skilled and an efficient resource did not matter to the management since they marked a defined set of people to be eliminated to save costs. Also, It is shocking to note that, Tech Mahindra has increased its CEO salary this year while firing sincere, dedicated employees indiscriminately.

The first conciliation meeting between the affected employee and Tech Mahindra is expected on July 14, 2016.

FITE is determined to fight this kind of terminations till the end and put an end to such terminations.

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