The Double Speak – Who really asked for CBI? [by Mukul Sinha]

Mukul Sinha

Mukul Sinha
Eminent lawyer and civil rights activist. The post is taken from his recent facebook update.

It is common for victims of a particular crime to ask for CBI when they believe that the state/police machinery is in collusion and wouldn’t carry out an impartial investigation. However it is not very often that the perpetrators of the crime ask for CBI themselves, especially when the perpetrators consist of the entire spectrum of ministers and police offers. This is precisely what happened in the Ishrat Jahaan case.

GL Singhal, Tarun Barot and 12 other accused police personnel filed an application before the High Court of Gujarat stating that they actually want the Central Bureau of Investigation to investigate this matter.

Quoting the prayer of the applicants (police personnel) from CR-MA/5853/2011.

“The applicants by way of the present application are also seeking transfer of the further investigation of FIR being 1st C.R. No. 8/04 to the Central Bureau of Investigation or a newly constituted SIT comprising of Senior Cadre IPS Officers not associated/posted with the State of Gujarat”

Additionally, the Advocate General of the State, Mr Kamal Trivedi, who represents the state, had also stated before the Gujarat High Court that if the Court wishes to handover the investigation to an agency besides the state itself, then there preference would be CBI/NIA.

Quoting from CR-MA/15981/2010

“42. Whereas the learned Advocate General appearing for the State submitted that the first choice on the part of the State is the investigation of another/fresh FIR through the State Agency. he has submitted that if this Court finds it proper to give the investigation to an agency other than that of the State, then in his submission, it may be given to NIA or CBI”

So, when the Advocate General of the State and the entire bandwagon of encounter specialists wanted CBI to investigate the case, why is BJP making such a big deal out of it now? Why the talk of CBI being a caged parrot and congress bureau of investigation when the representatives of their Government in the first place had demanded for CBI? This is the kind of double speak that BJP as a party indulges in time and again.

However one might wonder though, why this sudden love for CBI? That is because the one man army used to strike fear in their hearts – Sathish Verma. The State was desperate to take the investigation away from him. Sathish Verma was part of the SIT team that submitted a report stating that the encounter was not genuine. Even though we as Javed Sheikh’s representatives wanted continuity of the SIT consisting of Sathish Verma and others, the police personnel would rather have CBI than Sathish Verma.

All it takes is one honest, unflinching police officer to bring the entire Modi Government to its knees.

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