Two Images That Will Haunt Modi Forever

Vistasp Hodiwala

The image on the left has haunted Mr. Prime Minister for the past 14 years. Qutubuddin Ansari’s haunting visage was a telling indictment of Gujarat 2002 in every sense of the term.

The image we see on the right is of Nand Lal, a retired 78 year old army veteran who lives alone in a dingy 10×10-foot room and has an account with SBI in which the government is supposed to credit his pension every month for his service to the nation. Just for perspective, the man’s average bank balance, his life savings so to speak, amounts to a princely Rs. 45,000/-.

After queuing up for three long days, a helpless Nand Lal was reduced to tears as he had to beg bank officials with folded hands for some cash to run his house.

So basically, 14 years later, the same man and his party have unleashed an economic pogrom on the nation and if there is any justice in this world I hope that they pay for this by getting decimated in the 2019 General Elections.

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