Urgent Update from Anti-POSCO Struggle

Dear friends and comrades,

anti-poscoAll of you must be aware about the stage of criticality of the anti-posco struggle especially naked police terror and atrocities in Gobindpur.In the last week of June a heavy contingent of armed police around a dozen platoons led by district collector and the swoop down on Gobindpur ruthlessly beat up men women and children for 3 days and destroyed around 50 betel vines of unwilling villagers. Then the media reported the district officials and Odisha state govt statement saying the the govt has acquired 2700 acres of land for the first phase and will soon handover them to POSCO. Many newspapers in Delhi said that the movement is over, which is not true.

For the past 5 days there is again there is reign of brutal terror in Gobindpur. the police are conducting flag march in the village and raiding houses.For the past fews days a heavy contingent of police is coming to Gobindpur with earthmovers to dig trench for demarcating acquired land, The people of Gobingpur have put up a brave resistance and have forced them to with draw , but if the movement doesn’t get wider support from out side the odisha govt might be successful in handing over the land to POSCO. The struggle in Gobindpur has reached a decisive and critical stage we should stand firmly with the struggling people of Gobindput.Strangely PPSS hasn’t come out with any updates on the latest police repression in Gobindpur.

Please write fax and phone home secretary the Odisha governor, chief minster, chief secretary,home secretary to stop police repression and forcible land grab in Gobindpur.


Asit Das

POSCO Pratirodh Solidarity Delhi

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