[Video] Police brutality against Rohith Vemula’s mother and friends at India Gate

Courtesy: DalitCamera

When ManuSmriti Irani was delivering her dramatic speech, calling Rohith Vemula a child, the police was dragging and thrashing Rohith’s mother and his brave friends who had come all the way to Delhi to get their voices heard.

The students, many of them from the University of Hyderabad where the Dalit scholar committed suicide last month, were told to leave as soon as they reached close to the protest venue. They were thrashed and dragged by the police violently. The police then took them in buses to Tilak Marg police station and Parliament Street police station. They were later freed.

If this government harasses students seeking justice, I will go for self-immolation,” Radhika said after the students were released.

Rohith Vemula’s mother dragged in Delhi’s street. And the media is silent.

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