My wailing vale: why the chants of Azadi can never be silenced in Kashmir

Syed Tajamul Imran

Indeed, like thousand others I have lost myself and I have lost the salubrious peace of mind and more importantly I have lost my beloved 100 unarmed Kashmiris in a short span of time.

The wailing, lamenting and palpable scenes from more than last five months are now common across Kashmir valley. The salubrious and jubilant gardens and the dukedoms have lost their charm and terrace; the bulbuls have refused to sing now as they too are either caged or flew away from the valley where the brutality, humiliation and barbaric behavior are the law of the day and the nocturnal raids are the law of the night. The tail doesn’t end here but continues from multitude of fronts;like thousand others I am caged and crippled from last more than 100 days, being a caged person haunts and pains my poor soul.

However, in my valley of poets, saints,politicians, scholars and philosophers there is now presence of endless train of suppression, muzzling and assaulting; an unfortunate and merciless season of raining bullets, pellets and peppers. Yes, there is no melodicism and pleasure in valley now but a melancholic and the glimmers of grief and agony across the scores of villages, towns and desolate hamlets of valley. Alas! I along with my poor hapless soul had witnessed the falling of dear and loved ones outside with the inhuman and ruthless bullet and pellet of troopers who seized and ransacked our lanes of grief and lamentation. I also witnessed how the days of tranquility and less euphoria had turned into the fearful and woeful nights of last five months. In the present prevailing situation I witnessed how the gun wielding soldiers have pumped the uncounted bullets and pellets into the chest of an unarmed innocent Kashmiri……Sometime while thinking with myself and re-imagining those bloody scenes I regret and curse myself not to beg and cry before the ungracious jackboots to save my beloved and loved Kashmiris.

Indeed, like thousand others I have lost myself and I have lost the salubrious peace of mind and more importantly I have lost my beloved 100 unarmed Kashmiris in a short span of time.

The constant fear and the continue death dancing in our valley have left our shoddy souls in millions of cuts and unprecedented wailings. Pertinent to mention that the fear in my mind along with startled heart and trembled hands not allows me to peep out from the broken window of my home because of a fear for losing an eye like Insha and like hundred others who lost their eye sight for rest of their life by the plight of pellets. Believe me there is every day Karbala in Kashmir and in my town, innocent teenagers around the age of 7,10,12,15 were killed,maimed, muzzled and humiliated by Indian forces. We as hapless and crippled Kashmiris knows that our history is nothing but a gradual construct of pain and pangs, blood and mourning’s, tears and fear.

Few days back before the Soura incident took place, I visit Srinagar city, indeed there was less moment of private vehicles and civilians but heavy deployment of gun wielding soldiers and army gypsy’s with men in uniform totting guns, newly installed cemented bunkers, checkpoints, barricades and an ugly razor wire all around. Frankly to tell that it is the barrel of gun and the blood stained hands of a trooper on trigger that derailed and trampled the daily life and wages in Kashmir valley. Undoubtedly the things are worrisome and muddled from the multitude of fronts;nowadays writing and narrating each and every word in Kashmir is like getting hit by cluster of pellets and peppers. As I am writing my cousin brother was booked under draconian public act; Last time when I went to meet him in jail premises he said “Tears in eyes with long roughed hair and nails, How will I bear and accept the implemented laws of Indian Constitution and the J & K Constitution when their administration itself is lawless, he further narrated is this a law that for a brother, a brother is being arrested if not this then son-in-law, brother-in-law or a father-in-law is being arrested, If son is wrong and are in the list of stone pelters then what is the fault of his father to send him behind bars till his son will not present himself before the station officer” he said.

Moreover, I as an oppressed and humiliated Kashmiri feel deep knavery and alienation when the mainstream political vultures are ignoring the human rights violations in Kashmir and are frequently conceal and dodged the brute use of force and brutality on people of Kashmir. It is very unfortunate when they are pointing their blood stained fingers towards a young youth of valley who are throwing stones to troopers labeled as terrorists, monsters and un-peaceful elements of the society. Pertinent to mention here that if the traditional political vultures and turncoats of Kashmir Valley and the arrogant statesmen of New Delhi are living with this thought that the present agitation is a last one from Kashmir then they absolutely are living in a fool’sparadise, rather the days are near when much furious and more destructive upheaval will again engulf the whole valley because the policy of deep alienation and heavy knavery harbored in the hearts and minds of Kashmiri people. No doubt, for some time the ominous and unsuited policies of New Delhi and the hypocrisy of politicians in Kashmir will mold and befool the section of people in Kashmir;for some time they can suppress and terrorize the people but not theirfeelings and deep aspirations that are growing from last twenty seven years yearning for ‘AZAADI’ of their caged land called Kashmir. Time is near when the Kashmir valley will be identified as the recognized and independent part of the world.

At the end, I pray and live for the day when the victorious Kashmir flag will be waved inside the other UN national flags. I pray for the day when our Kashmir valley will be ruled by its own people but without the names of Abdullah’s and Muftis who turned the pages of Kashmir history red and bleed.

BIO:- In the hope of AAZADI, Born in curfew, ‘Syed Tajamul Imran’ is a story teller,  Student activist, President at All J&K Students Union (AJKSU), an MBA, with the dream of breaking the status quo.


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