A Brutalised Kashmir And It’s Youth

Javeed Bin Nabi

The young generation of Kashmir are plagued with lot of problems.The word Problem is a very minute word in every dictionary and in front of all human eyes. We feel, it doesn’t justify the real situation. The biggest problem is the Kashmir conflict,which is responsible for the uncertainty here. It hampered not only the progress and development of Kashmir itself but also of the entire sub continent. The Kashmir conflict can be traced since 1947 , when the flood gates of decolonization were opened around the world. The notion of self determination that enkindled the passion for independence in millions and billions of the people of colonial countries around cosmos. A new shape of world history emerged with new sovereign states , the idea of self determination , liberty and democracy took its roots broadly, at the same time the Indian sub continent was partitioned where the majority of Hindus made a separate part of India and the Muslim majority people made Pakistan as a separate , sovereign nation. But at that time the Muslim majority J & K state was incorporated with India by the Maharaja of that time. Since that period of time this decision of Maharaja a Hindu ruler to interlink Kashmir with India jurisdiction sows the seeds of hatred ness and unacceptance towards India Union in Kashmir.

The people of Kashmir face numerous problems and huge suppression from Indian state since . They were treated badly and their rights were curbed and caged . Since that period of time the masses of Kashmir as well as the young generation challenged and rejected all the discourses of the India and its policies over Kashmir, which resulted the killings , torture , kidnapping , murder , rape , disappeared of the people of Kashmir. Especially the youth of Kashmir was oppressed and suppressed by the Indian state authority and was labelled as terrorist because they won’t live like as slaves .They want their Independent Secular Kashmir.

The ruthless suppression on the youth of Kashmir and to hurt their sentiments by Indian state gave the birth of several violent storms in Kashmir, the post insurgency where Indian forces and their loyal renegades looted and demoralised the people of Kashmir from bottom to top, the deadly unrest of 2008 and 2010 which took hundreds of lives, thousands of youth got injured – disappeared and left hundreds of widow mothers and orphans .

The youth of the valley are not safe neither in their own land nor outside state because the misperception started within state and outside state about every Kashmiri is a terrorist. Whenever the youth of the valley want or to raise their voice for self determination , self defence or a liberty which India took in 1947 from Britishers, they are being arrested and are booked under the very notorious law called Public Safety Act ( PSA ) which ruins their whole life even if they may be released . There are hundreds of young youths of Kashmir behind Indian bars without any hearing are slapped with PSA’s .

There is a everyday miseries , bad doom destiny and a gloomy picture around youth of Kashmiri as like Palestine youth, no sign of hope and solution either to face Strike calls from off stream parties or curfews and killings from the government, means the youth is nowhere secured, where they can live a better , prosperous and peaceful life beyond custodial killings and arrest warrants – Where they would live a way which will drive them forward to innovate new horizons of life, to make and full new dreams. We see the youth around the world are leading towards progress and prosperous living standards exclude youth of Kashmir and Palestine . They are opening and making new and developed innovations in science and technology , commerce etc, but unfortunately the youth of Kashmir is still lacking behind , they are being humiliating and harassed .Their freedom of expression is being denied and curbed , the voice is being choked on ground as well as on Social networking websites.

Indeed it is very unfortunate and a sad state of affairs that the voices of Kashmir, particularly the voice of youth is being throttled and obliterated , the youth of the valley are being beaten publicly within their own land and outside their state which forced the new generation of Kashmir to take arms against the oppressor – a cruel rule. Otherwise the new wave of militants whom are only 16 to 20 years old are highly educated and belongs to a wealthy families. May be they would have made their bright carrier more bright if they were not harassed , humiliated ,muzzled or their loyal friend and their own family member was not killed by Indian forces. May be they would not leave a Mil meter ball pen from their hands which always brought a spring of peace and would not take arms if they were not arrested or beaten by Indian forces without any criminal act. May be Ishaq Ahmad Parrey of Tral known as “Newton” because of his academic brilliance had qualified his CET exam, and would have stethoscope in his hands instead of gun if he was not been harassed. May be the Burhan – most wanted rebel of new wave of militancy in Kashmir would have completed his degree if his brother Khalid and his comrade would not have been beaten or slapped publicly by Indian forces , despite Khalid brought cigarettes to men in uniform. May be Shakir Ahmad of Nowpora Sopore have qualified his 12th standard ,and would have admitted himself in a college if he and his family was not abused and thrashed by Indian forces.

However from everyday suppression ,humiliation and muzzling in Kashmir ,the youth of the valley are shedding their blood for self determination and liberty. They are against the ominous policies of Indian state in Kashmir. They come on streets to take part in protests against the brutal laws of India in Kashmir, they are giving and sacrificing their innocent blood to secure their land – Kashmir. Because something is going wrong with them
since decades .

To Conclude , the tale of miseries have no end in Kashmir, the youth has been charged with seditions – anti – nationals which not only hurts and inflicts violence but also restricts their right which increases their alienation from Indian brutal state. Moreover the youth of valley are still confused as to why they have to face these problems. When they watch and witness the youth around the cosmos are leading towards progress and open new parallels in every field. They feel frustrated to live under draconian and notorious laws which gives Indian forces a free hand to arrest anybody. They may be killed, tortured or beaten publicly at anywhere or anytime which they did since decades .

Javeed Bin Nabi is studying International Relations at IUST and can be contacted at javeednabi25@gmail.com


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